Whose Fight Song Is Number Two?

The Duck roars onto the field in a "Mighty Oregon" moment.

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The Duck roars onto the field in a “Mighty Oregon” moment.

We all know Oregon has the coolest fight song in the Pac-12, but after Oregon how do they stack up?  I have to confess that Stanford’s isn’t all that bad, even though when they went from “Indians” to “Cardinal, the color not the bird,” they didn’t bother to remove the words “band” (obviously as in band of Indians), “red” and “brave” from their fight song.  So much for politically correct. 

I get lost in a hurry on “Bow Wow to Washington,” but then I don’t understand half of what my own dogs try to tell me.  Likewise, why the Beavers sing “OSU our pants are off to you” is beyond me, and “Right on, USC” is so sixties.  UCLA was so unoriginal as to steal Cal’s fight song and Cal was wimpy enough to let them get away with it, so I can’t really go with either of them.  WSU’s fight song – outside of being something about how much it would “Bite, bite, bite” to be Washington State – always seemed a little saccharine to me, especially the second line.

Arizona’s reminds me of one of those first marches I played in grade school band and Utah’s brings back happy childhood memories of cartoons, so I have a special warm spot for each of them, even if they are a little lame for fight songs.  I’ve heard ASU’s a few times, and I’m sure glad I don’t have to try to remember that seemingly random tune.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Colorado’s.  Hopefully they will get to play it more often in the future.

Whose fight song do you think is number two?  In the meantime, you know what you want to hear, so here it is.

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