A Six-Pack of Pac-12 North Predictions

Kevin Cline

Brett thinks that…

The PAC-12 will again have multiple top-10 teams in 2013, so long as the conference doesn’t beat itself up too badly.  Here are some predictions that I’ll bet my reputation (as an amateur sportswriter) on:

1.  Oregon will be 12-0 going into the PAC-12 championship game, where they will defeat Arizona State 53-31.

  • Mariota, Thomas, Marshall, Huff… the weapons are there, and the Ducks will be highly favored in every game except at Stanford, where it’s up to Helfrich and Scott Frost to get the ball to their playmakers in space.  The Cardinal simply can’t fly with the Ducks.

2.  Stanford will regress, they’ll lose at least two regular season games.

  • Kevin Hogan is the definition of a “game-manager” and simply can’t bring his team back from a large deficit.  If the Cardinal falls behind early, Hogan doesn’t have the moxie to get them back into it.  Lucky they have a frickin’ STOUT defense again.

3.  Washington’s new stadium will help them win at least one home game they shouldn’t, they’ll finish with 8+ wins.

  • Keith Price is a boss, and he’ll thrive off of the energy in their new stadium.  Regardless, nobody cares about the Puppies.
Washington can try, but they'll never have an  Autzen.

Kevin Cline

Washington can try, but they’ll never have an Autzen.

4.  Freshman Thomas Tyner (aka DASH) will either be an instant star, or he’ll have less than 50 meaningful touches.

  • I’d feed Byron Marshall the ball early and save Tyner’s legs for late in the season.  Expect to see the Freshman a lot versus Stanford and OSU, where his 10.38 100m dash speed will make him the fastest on the field.

5.  Marcus Mariota will be PAC-12 player of the year, and a top-5 finalist for the Heisman Trophy. 

  • Can’t say anything about the redshirt sophomore that hasn’t already been said, he’s the best QB in Oregon history.

6.  Washington State still sucks.

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