Blessing in Disguise

Kevin Cline

As a residual effect of Chip Kelly’s departure to the NFL, former Oregon commit Dontre Wilson decided to play for Ohio State instead.  But honestly it may have been a blessing in disguise for both the Ducks and Wilson.

From Wilson’s point of view, it was probably a good decision to attend Ohio State regardless of Chip Kelly’s status.  If he had attended Oregon, he likely would have had to battle it out with Thomas Tyner for third string running back duties, whereas, at OSU it sounds like he will get his chance to play early and often.

“Dontre Wilson right now, I would say he’s going to play,” said head coach Urban Meyer after today’s morning practice.  So would you rather potentially start for a top five team or ride the bench all season for another top five team?

Another point to consider is the recent commitment to Oregon by 5-Star running back Royce Freeman.  Would he have chosen Oregon knowing that he would have to compete with yet another uber-talented running back?  It may be impossible to have a definitive answer, but it seems unlikely.  One is a workhorse, the other a race horse, and there are only so many carries to go around.

It will be nice to have another LeGarrette Blount-type runner available for the Ducks, and the loss of Wilson doesn’t appear to leave any holes.

Everything happens for a reason.

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