Chip Kelly Makes Much Anticipated NFL Debut

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The Philadelphia Eagles may have lost their preseason debut to the New England Patriots, but the culprit wasn’t Chip Kelly’s high-powered spread offense.  With quarterback Michael Vick at the helm, the Eagles scored two touchdowns in just over a quarter, one of which was a 47 yard strike to DeSean Jackson.

But despite the first team’s relative success in game one, Vick compared their offense to the most pedestrian of ice cream flavors.

“We did not even do a third of what we normally would do,” Vick said. “We had fun with what we had. We knew it was going to be very vanilla.”

Still, the offense utilized a few formations that are unique by NFL standards.  One play had tight end Zach Ertz positioned in the backfield, along with running back Chris Polk.  Another configuration had two receivers positioned out wide, right next to one another, baiting the defense into sending another defender outside to open up the running game.  To compliment, Kelly’s famous inside zone read schemes forced the defense to remain cognizant of the interior running game.

Despite the offense’s success, the Eagles’ new-look 3-4 defense was atrocious.  The Patriots’ running backs had a field day with last year’s starter Stevan Ridley and former Duck LeGarrette Blount rushing for 193 yards combined.  Each of them had a run of 50+ yards.

This game could be reflective of the Eagles’ upcoming season.  While they have a talented offense filled with weapons, and a coach who is an expert at maximizing an offense’s potential, their defense just isn’t on the same level.

For Kelly, putting a ton of points on the board might be more important now than it ever was at Oregon.

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