Ducks will take off vs. Nicholls State

Kevin Cline

The Ducks kick off their season at 1 p.m. Saturday when the Nicholls State Colonels come to town.  It’s a ‘cupcake’ game in the truest sense of the word, as the Colonels are coming off a 1-10 season and have already lost their starting QB for the season due to a shoulder injury.  We could dispute the merits of playing low-level teams like this each year (Tennessee Tech last season), but that issue’s clouded by the NCAA, ESPN, other universities that don’t want to start the season with a loss and politics in general, but this is another subject altogether.

The real question is, how many points will the Ducks put on the board against a team that allowed 38.7 points per game last season and gave up 77 to the Beavers?

Let’s say the starters are out by halftime, at which point the score should already be 50+.  The Ducks could have some early-season errors that result in turnovers or big plays for Nicholls State, but our athleticism and skill will be painfully evident on the field against the Colonels, who hail from Thibodaux, Louisiana (maybe they’ll say “hi” to Brian Bennett).  The team they beat last year wasn’t even D1, as their only victory came against NAIA school Evangel.

Will Autzen's sellout streak continue into 2013?

Kevin Cline

Will Autzen’s sellout streak reach 90 games vs. Nicholls State?  Less than a week ’til kickoff, 1,000+ tickets remain.

This will be a great start for rookie head coach Mark Helfrich, who will get to experience the feeling of being a winning head coach.  In the end — make that halfway through the second quarter – I think he’ll call the Ducks off early.  Final Score: 75-10.

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