Hey SEC, Enough Is Enough!

Craig Strobeck

For seven straight years the SEC has absolutely dominated college football.  Alabama, Auburn, Florida and LSU have been powerhouses, unthreatened by “lesser” conferences such as the Pac-12 and the Big 12.  The SEC is credited with having the best football players in the country.  This is due, in part, because even the conference’s least-talented teams are still very good.   The SEC is known as the NFL’s minor league since so many of their players are selected during the draft.

Having Fun While Looking Good

Kevin Cline

Having Fun And Winning

Well, enough is enough.  They’ve had their reign of dominance and now it’s time for someone else to take over.  Someone who works just as hard as any SEC team.  Someone who does not believe in limits.  That someone is the Oregon Ducks, and they’ve had enough.  The new mindset is just as Michael Jordan stated in his Hall of Fame induction speech, “limits, like fear, are often just an illusion.”

The Ducks have been just as talented — if not more talented — than Alabama and Auburn who have collectively won the past three BCS National Championships.  Unfortunately, the Ducks weren’t able to come out victorious in their National Championship Game appearance against Auburn –  in large part because of a missed call by the referees, but I’ve forgotten all about that, really.

This year is OUR year.  Oregon’s overall level of talent may very well be at its highest point in history, and we’re not afraid to use it.  Head coach Mark Helfrich grew up a Ducks fan and has always remained one, regardless of where he lived or worked.  If anyone understands the winning philosophy that has been instilled in this team, it’s him.

The whole country, outside of the SEC, is tired of watching the same old teams with their same old plodding brand of football, playing for the national championship.  This year’s Ducks know the priority is to finish the season victorious.  We won’t have just the number one uniforms in the nation, we’ll also have the number one team — and that will be enough.

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