Just How Talented Is De’Anthony Thomas?

Amazing  Moments 


He’s known as The Black Mamba, slithering down the field avoiding tackles and hits one by one as he reaches the end zone for touchdown after touchdown. Sometimes he runs, sometimes he receives, and sometimes he returns. De’Anthony Thomas is simply THAT talented. Put him in any position on the offensive end of the field, and he will produce, no questions asked. But what separates De’Anthony from other talents that have come through the Oregon locker room? LaMichael is the greatest running back this school has ever seen, and Kenjon isn’t far behind. So where does Mamba fall?

The Ultimate Offensive Weapon

Amazing Moments

The Ultimate Offensive Weapon

Thomas is eligible to leave for the NFL after this season, and, after only 2 years of on-field action,  easily can break some of the school’s records in potentially his third and final season in a Duck uniform. The impressive part about this is that he could break records that were set by players who played for four years as opposed to his potential three. For example, Thomas can break the record for kickoff return yardage if he simply pushes for 496 more yards. Another record within his reach is the all-time scoring record. As of now, LaMichael holds the record with 348 points. De’Anthony has averaged 109 points per season in his first two seasons, but a 131-point season isn’t out of the question with a much larger role this year than in the past.

It’s incredible to think that there are so many achievements Thomas can accomplish next season, placing him as one of the greatest players of all time for the Ducks. The fact that he has never had one clear distinct position, yet can find a way to muster up these incredible statistics, is absolutely mind-boggling. De’Anthony potentially can break a number of position-specific records – and that, my friends, is a scary thought.

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