Mariota Will Need To Be VOCAL For Chance At Title

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Every successful team in sports history has had that one guy who was considered the leader.  You know, that guy who was expected to carry the load towards the end of the game and lead the team to victory.  That guy who was relied upon to pump up the team and ensure everyone was on the same page and intensity level.  That guy who was able to bring the team back from a huge deficit because he was the most mentally fit for the task.  Simply put, every great team has had “that guy.”  M.J., Kobe, Montana, Brady, Bonds, A-Rod you name it!

Marcus Is A Great Candidate To Be The Leader

Kevin Cline

Marcus Is A Great Candidate To Be The Leader

Now it’s time to officially open the application process, for being “that guy,” to fan favorite Marcus Mariota.  Coming into his redshirt sophomore season, Marcus has undoubtedly grown into a player who possesses the qualities to be the leader of the Ducks.  He’s smart, has high football IQ and is fast, strong, and of course, humble.  With the loveable humbleness he brings, comes a sort of quietness about him.  But, to be the man you must act like the man. That doesn’t mean he needs to stop being who he is.  However, in order to take this team to the Natty and win, he needs to break out of his shell and be vocal!

It’s important that he be able to say what’s on his mind at all times, that he feels the freedom to express his concerns at any point.  Mariota must confidently address his teammates, breaking them down in order to build them back up; letting them know what each could do better so everyone succeeds.  Being vocal doesn’t mean being rude or annoying, it simply means that he’s willing to take on the challenge of running this speedy offense to the best of his ability, personal feelings aside.  Off the field the leader and his teammates can be best of friends, on the field it’s time for work, and whatever it takes to succeed is what must be sacrificed to achieve the ultimate goal, being the first quarterback to lead the Ducks to a Natty win.

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