November 7th in Palo Alto.

Kevin  Cline

Ladies and gentleman, this is it.  The final week before college football takes over our life has come upon us, and it feels SO DARN GOOD!  Personally, I feel summer time is a big dud for the sports world.  Watching a baseball game every night can be a little on the boring side, so going through the pain and suffering of waiting for football makes it all the more worth it.  The tailgaters, the green and yellow everywhere, and most importantly, the blowing out of eardrums at Duck games; there simply isn’t anything like the atmosphere of college football – specifically Ducks football.

Kevin Hogan Won in Our House, Marcus Mariota WIll Win in His.

Kevin Cline

Kevin Hogan won in our house, Marcus Mariota wiIl win in his.

Although the Ducks are ranked third in the nation, it gives us no right to act like we’re the best.  It’s important to put things in perspective when being a fan, and not getting ahead of ourselves.  For that reason, I think it’s important we begin to anticipate the biggest game of the year for the Ducks, which will take place in Palo Alto, CA, on November 7th against the Trees.

The Cardinal, ranked right behind Oregon at 4th in the nation, took the chance for a national championship away from the Ducks last year, and the distastefulness of that day still hasn’t left our mouths.  Jim Harbaugh left the keys to a potential upcoming Pac-12 powerhouse for David Shaw in 2012, and Oregon’s mission ever since has been to deny them that opportunity.  With [what they feel is] a strong quarterback to fill Andrew Luck’s shoes in Kevin Hogan, the Cardinal believe they truly are the better team.

Even ESPN feels there is a high probability that the Cardinals could make it to the natty.  Well, just as Harbaugh gave the keys to Shaw, Chip gave the keys to Helfrich, and I believe that the Oregon native won’t give the Cardinal an opportunity to shine like most think. We’ve been through too much in recent years to just blow another year’s opportunity at a natty.  Duck fans, it’s our moment, our time, our year.

Go Ducks!

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