Oregon Football’s Spectacular Facility is Finished!

If I was a highly touted high school football player, I would not only chose Oregon, I would be drooling incessantly at the thought of gaining access to the Ducks’ new insane football facility.  The construction of the $68 million 145,000 square-foot football mecca was recently completed after being in development for the last eight years.


Remember how terrible your high school locker room smelled?  Now imagine how bad the Oregon locker room must smell after a long day of conditioning. Fortunately for them, and whoever has to enter the football sanctuary, the locker room has a German engineered ventilation system that is guaranteed to make the room odor free.

The neon and white colored cafeteria was designed based on the dining settings of corporations such as Google, Oracle and Nike.  A sign in the cafeteria reads, “Eat your enemies and the other food groups.”

The lounge features reclinable sofas that can turn into beds and also features Ducks branded gaming systems.

An evolving art sculpture of flying Ducks pays homage to former Ducks who have flown above and into the NFL.  All 121 former Ducks who have reached the pinnacle of football are represented.

Finally, like Ducks football players, the weight room is big and sturdy.  The 25,000 foot facility is fortified by Brazilian Ipe hardwood floors which are apparently quite dense.

Being an Oregon football player is wrought with astronomical expectations, but with the completion of  this new building, maximum performance and comfort are attainable.


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