Oregon’s Celebrity “Act-Alikes”

Mathew Topolewski

Coming up with an individual’s “look- ” and/or “act-alike” is a fun pastime that’s both comical and incredibly revealing about an individual’s persona.  For this piece, I thought it would be similarly rewarding if we applied this game to Duck Athletics.  Granted, such a task of nailing down an institution like Oregon into one or two celebrities is really subjective and somewhat unfair to the Oregon brand.  Besides, we all watch different things and have varying interests.  So, I’ve written this piece as more of starting point that is open to further discussion.  If you think of other celebrities, television shows, films, books, or anything else in the sphere of public entertainment that is undeniably “Oregon,” please include them below in the “Comment Box.”

Dropping over a 100ft from a helicopter...why not?

From Video

Dropping more than 100 feet from a helicopter . . . why not?

1) Bear Grylls: Here’s a guy who does things just to do them because he can.  Rather than taking the safest or easiest route to civilization, Grylls hurls himself into frozen lakes and deep crevasses simply to show viewers how to get out of those deadly situations.  And to top it off, he makes it look easy.  Sound familiar?  Oregon never discounts “going for it” on 4th & 10 (sometimes farther) and always sets up for 2 points after a touchdown.  All this not because we’re desperately in need of points, but to expose the other team’s weaknesses and mismanagement simply because we can.  That’s why Oregon’s daring persona is perfectly embodied by Bear Grylls.

Not your typical Car Flick

From Video

Not your typical Car Flick

2) Drive (2011): With a title like Drive, one expects to see crazy car chases, loud explosions, sexy girls orchestrating races, and perhaps a cameo appearance by Vin Diesel.  But Drive had none of that. Incorporating hardly any dialogue, a deep sense of inferiority into the main character, and a retro score that sometimes included no sound at all being juxtaposed with deafening gun shots, this film inverted the very notion of a traditional “car movie.” This rejection of tradition perfectly represents the University of Oregon’s denouncement of anything related to conventionality.  Scary Mascot?  Forget that.  Three colors?  We have hundreds.

Keepin' it different with Depp

From Video

Keepin’ it different with Depp

3) Johnny Depp: From having scissor hands, being married to a corpse or being a Caribbean pirate, the only thing normal about this guy is that his next role surely will be another weird one that captures the attention and admiration of millions.  Depp, therefore, perfectly personifies Oregon’s commitment to change.  Not being typecast in tradition, but instead being known as the school that is always going to come out with some new astounding building, uniform, or play.

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