Pac-12 Examiner: Mike Leach should stick to dating advice (and winning)


News from the Pac-12 North . . .

Pullman:  It hasn’t taken Mike Leach long to join the list of coaches that ban media and the public from watching practices.  Among his chief concerns is an opponent gaining an advantage by reading media or injury reports.  Because of this, Leach is now threatening to take further actions and impose a ban on any media member who reports an injury to any of the players during practice.

Flags Fly before the Ducks Cougars game last year in Seattle

Kevin Cline

Flags Fly before the Ducks-Cougars game last year in Seattle

There are several issues this prohibition touches on, such as what if a student or faculty member shares a photo of practice or an update based on what they see out their classroom window?  Unlike the high walls that guard the U of O and their practice fields, the Pullman practice field is arranged such that many classrooms and university buildings have a direct view of the field.  Is Leach going to ban people looking out those windows, too?

Is it just me, or is the Washington State version of Mike Leach not nearly as entertaining as the Lubbock one?  The team personnel have been in continual disruption since he showed up, and he has talked more about his players leaving and being zombies than “swinging his sword” to upset victories.

It seems like forever ago that he provided such sociable gems as these words of advice, while current Washington State Cougar head coach, on his various personal philosophies and procedures that are meant for advice about a first date.

(Note: Video is of poor quality, and circa his Texas Tech stint)

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