Pac-12 Examiner- Riley choosing recess over football for banged up beavers

Beavers Safety (#8) Tyrequek Zimmerman and LB Michael Doctor (#40) practice their slip & slide technique in the ’12 Civil War, as HC Mike Riley looks on. The Beavers defense allowed 6 rushing TDs in their 5th straight loss to Oregon.                                            Kevin Cline

News from the Pac-12 North

Corvallis- The Oregon State Beavers are so banged up right now that head coach Mike Riley had no choice but to completely abandon football activities, altogether.  Instead, Riley and his staff staff chose to turn the practice field into a water park and hold slip & slide races instead.

Sounds like those beavers really know how to have good, clean fun at camp–in a 7-year-old-at-summer-camp sort of way.

The beavers have held out a number of linemen and role players on both sides of the ball, but the players listed in recent injury reports are enough to make even the most optimistic beavers tuck their tails.  Projected starting RB Storm Woods, projected starting LB D.J. Alexander, their best offensive threat in WR in Brandin Cooks, and their best lineman, center Isaac Seumalo, have all missed practice or had limited practice involvement over the past week.

The Beavers come into 2013 with plenty of other question marks, including the big one: Who starts at QB?  Will it be the interception-plagued Sean Mannion, or does Beaver Nation continue to “rally” behind obscure senior Cody Vaz, who last time out was SACKED 10 TIMES?  This is a team that might be thin at every position other than quarterback if the water park idea doesn’t result in healthier athletes.


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