The Beauty Of The Ugliness Of Football

Kevin Cline 

This is it ladies and gents, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  It’s the first Saturday of college football and that can only mean one thing… THE DUCKS ARE BACK, BABY!

Although we can’t assume anything about today’s matchup, we can have a hunch that the Ducks might take this one with a bit more ease than perhaps, say, Stanford.  However, with everything being new this year from facilities to coaches, nothing can be taken for granted.

Appreciate EVERY Moment Of The Game. The Last Play May Lead To The Next

Kevin Cline

Appreciate EVERY moment Of the game. The last play may lead to the next.

With all of the excitement and adrenaline flowing through our bodies, I want everyone to do me a favor this Saturday, and that is simply to appreciate.  Appreciate the smooth fluidity of the game that was initially created by Walter Camp in the 1800s.  Appreciate the history that the sport has been through, and the changes that have been made to ensure the game is being played the best way possible.  Appreciate the atmosphere around you, the Duck fan beside you screaming their lungs out because they feel somehow they can control the game.  Appreciate the gorgeous facilities in which your Ducks show their lightning speed and abilities.

Football is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive, dangerous, ugly games that exist on this planet, but with that ugliness comes a beauty.  In no other sport will you experience such chemistry between teammates.  It is THE ultimate team game.  Without blockers, the quarterback can’t make the pass, without the pass, the receiver/running back can’t have an opportunity to score, and so on.  The amount of reliance one athlete has on another in this sport is indescribable.

So remember, be sure to appreciate the great game of football this Saturday.  Simply waiting for the next Duck touchdown because that’s considered the norm takes away from a beauty you could miss out on.

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