Who Picks up slack at RB if Tyner out?

Kevin Cline 

If Thomas Tyner is indeed injured and his ankle keeps him out of the lineup come opening weekend, Ayele Forde is the man who should get the carries left on the table.  No, the answer here isn’t to increase the number of carries for De’Anthony Thomas or Byron Marshall.

If Tyner is hurt, look for Ford to get some more carries

Ayele Forde

Forde has been overshadowed his entire career in Eugene, but it’s not really his fault.  He is a good enough back to start at a lot of major schools; however, we all know how running back-rich Oregon has been over the better part of the last decade.  If Tyner’s ankle forces him to miss time or doesn’t allow him to be properly prepared for the opener, don’t be surprised to see Mr. Forde trotting onto the field to carry the football.  He proved in short spells last year that he could be effective when given a chance.  He may not be the game-changer that Tyner and Thomas are, nor is he the ideal power back that Marshall is.  However, he is a determined running back that when given the opportunity won’t let his teammates down.  He will give all he’s got and more, and that is all you can ask as a fan, a coach or a teammate.

Obviously, we are all hoping that Tyner’s ankle injury is very minor, but we have to prepare for the worst and expect the best.  Either way, I think we will be in good hands regardless of who is carrying the ball come Saturdays this fall.

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