Alabama Is Not “The Boogeyman”

Matt Topolewski

I’m a real sucker for upsets and underdogs when it comes to college football games.  So I was a little disappointed when Oregon State, Michigan and USC, were all just barely able to squeak out wins in their games last Saturday, albeit highly entertaining games. Even Stanford had a run for their money late in the game as the Sun Devils never took their foot off the pedal and kept things really interesting.  But joining this list of teams who had close games was, to everyone’s surprise, Alabama.

Colorado State University Rams

Erik Soderstrom

Colorado State University Rams

No, they weren’t playing another SEC powerhouse.  They were playing, instead, an unranked, and largely unknown, Colorado State University team.  Of course, when the game began, and Alabama blocked a punt to score their second touchdown, I remember thinking to myself, “Well, this is going to be a blow-out.”  But going into the 4th quarter, the score was 17-6 and the Colorado State Rams were still down only 11 points.  Impressively, they had held ‘Bama’s offense to just 10 points for three quarters.  The main storyline coming out of this game was by no means the Crimson Tide putting things away in the 4th by scoring two touchdowns, but rather it was how well this obscure Colorado State defense managed to stay with ”the greatest college football program known today.”

So what did this game prove?  Well, most of all that Alabama is by no means the ‘boogeyman.’  They are, instead, just as imperfect a team as anyone else out there, still working out the kinks in their system, and therefore are very defeatable.  They are also another SEC team, as Colorado State unquestionably illustrated, that our defense should have no troubles managing and that our offense can run circles around.

See you in January, ‘Bama.

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