Bigger Tests Await! Why play Nicholls?

Kevin Cline

After the 66-3 win against Nicholls State this past weekend, I reflected on our team’s performance and whether it was beneficial to have that game on our schedule.  I came away feeling impressed overall — but not wowed — and truly believe we are better off scrimmaging ourselves.  Our first team offense vs. our first team defense is much better competition for both sides of the ball than what we got from a lower division Nicholls squad.

The only reasonable explanation I have for our scheduling tendencies, is that either better teams are afraid to play us in home-and-home series in the non-conference schedule.  Or maybe it’s that we want to ease into the season to get some of our inexperienced youngsters a chance to show what they can do in front of a live crowd, and most likely, a national audience.  Either way it is supremely unfortunate.

In no way, shape, or form did the game this past weekend help us prepare for our tilt at Virginia this upcoming Saturday afternoon.  All it did was get the guys feeling good about themselves by basically beating up a defenseless team.

We still will most likely beat Virginia Saturday and then come home to demolish Tennessee, but I would like to see our first game of the season do a better job preparing us to play the stiffer competition that lies ahead on the rocky, bumpy path that hopefully leads us to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day — if not the National Championship on January 6.

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