Can anyone hang with Oregon?

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It has now been two weekends of glorious college football, and there have been more than just this season’s fair share of early upsets and surprises – none more shocking than Wazzu taking down the mighty Trojans in the Coliseum, without scoring an offensive touchdown (I still can’t believe it, honestly).  With all of the early surprises and shakeups, the question I seek to answer is: Can anyone on the Ducks’ schedule keep up with our torrid pace or slow us down enough to beat us?  The answer, in my opinion, is a clear “No!”

David Shaw and Stanford are likely to be the only ones standing between The Ducks and a perfect season

Kevin Cline

David Shaw and Stanford are likely to be the only ones standing between the Ducks and a perfect season.

Everyone is continuing to point to the Thursday night clash with Stanford, November 7, but I just think the Cardinal won’t have enough firepower to beat us again this season.  While Kevin Hogan should be improved, they lost a few picecs on the defensive side of the ball and their best offensive weapon in Stepfan Taylor.  Who is going to take the pressure off the shoulders of Kevin Hogan when we have scored two early touchdowns to take the lead?

What I am trying to get at, is that there is no one on the Ducks’ schedule who has either a potent enough offense to keep pace with us, or a dominant enough defense to completely shut us down, like Stanford did last year.  After watching the game against Virginia last weekend, I am thoroughly convinced that we are headed toward an undefeated season.  The only thing standing in our way is – ourselves.

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Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman is a Senior at the University of Oregon.  He is a cinema studies major and communications minor.  Alex is from the Bay Area and grew up a Cal Bears fan due to many family members attending, but quickly transitioned into being apart of Duck Nation upon his arrival at the U of O.  Alex also works as an ESPNU campus connector as a representative of Oregon.  He hopes to break into the sports media and marketing world once he graduates in June.  All in all Alex is a huge Pac-12 and passionate Duck fan.  Alex would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about each and every one of his articles.  

  • Jason Curtis

    I’m OK with us fans talking about this as long as the team thinks about the game at hand. While none of these teams “should” give us much of a run I think that it is safe to say that by those standards we “should” have been in the NC game in each of the last 2 years. Being the top dog in the league means we should be getting everyone’s best effort every week.