Ducks Make it look Too Easy

Craig Strobeck

The Oregon Ducks are now 4-0 and I am not sure there is a team out there that can match the number of meaningless snaps and clocked minutes wasted. Through our first four games we have managed to put up more than 50 points each game and have outscored our opponents by a combined total of 229-43. That is an absolutely ridiculous total and may be the largest margin of victory in the country.  Regardless, the Ducks’ first four games have been less than grueling and challenging.

It was a long, wet night for the Bears

Craig Strobeck

It was an interesting night of football for all involved.

This could be the most efficient and dominating four game span in Oregon football history, or in other words, it has been an incredible display of productive football against average opponents. But, for us as fans, we continue to yearn for more or better competition.  With the game starting at 7:30 pm Saturday night and the first quarter taking more than an hour, with the 5 combined turnovers and 27-0 score, how many people tuned out or went to bed?

Please, whoever it is at the NCAA I should talk with; can you send us more competition. That way, the second half of the games are still a close or at least competitive football game.  Thankfully, it could be coming in less than two weeks’ time as we travel north to face our favorite rival, the Washington Huskies, who happen to reside in perhaps the only place in the United States that gets more rainfall than Eugene.

Whenever that first true test does come, I pray that all of these easier games don’t come back to haunt us.  But, I don’t expect it will, as we look to be just as well-oiled a machine as we have ever been.

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