Even in Typhoons, Ducks Still Roll

Typhoon over the Pacific Northwest

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It felt like a scene out of a weather channel hurricane report – where a powerful, typhoon like storm slammed into the Pacific Northwest Saturday, and aimed itself at Autzen Stadium – causing torrential down pours, high winds, and extremely sloppy football.

During the first quarter of the Oregon-Cal game, at the drenched stadium, it seemed as though neither team could hold onto the ball long enough to do anything with it.  The Golden Bears fumbled nearly every time they touched it, and Oregon gave up its first turnover of the season… after fumbling it three times but then quickly recovering it only twice.  Not even De’Anthony Thomas could get anything done in the game’s slippery and sloppy conditions as the Black Momba awkwardly twisted his ankle during the opening kickoff return.  It was an injury that sidelined him for the rest of the game, and maybe for the next week or so.

Ducks tackling and shutting down Cal runner

Craig Strobeck

Ducks tackling and shutting down Cal runner

Yet, despite the miserable conditions, the Ducks prevailed and were able to score 41 points and force 5 turnovers before the end of the first half.  A performance like that not only illustrates their incredible resiliency to adverse conditions, but also the team’s extreme depth.  As soon as DAT went down, the Ducks didn’t miss a beat.  Thanks to our vast arsenal of highly talented offensive weapons, guys like Marcus Mariota, Byron Marshall, Daryle Hawkins, and Bralon Addison were able to complete the win anyway.  It was Addison that was able to return two, over-65 yard punt returns for touchdowns and was De’Anthony’s replacement.

In the end, whatever comes their way, whether they are typhoons or debilitating ankle injuries, Oregon can still roll with the punches and demolish their opponents.

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Mathew Topolewski

Mathew Topolewski

Mathew recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in both English and Cinema Studies. Growing up he played Hockey his entire life, and was able to reach the Junior A level of play his Freshmen year of college. He therefore not only has an intense passion for sports, but has a unique understanding and appreciation for all athletes.