Heisman Award? Marcus Mariota the Odds-on Favorite? YAHTZEE!!

Craig Strobeck 

The Heisman Award, there simply isn’t any other award like it in the world of sports.  One could argue it is the most respected award an individual could ever receive in either the amateur or professional sports world.  It is the oldest of several awards in college football, named after the head of the now-defunct Downtown Athletic Club in New York City that created the award in 1935, John Heisman.  This award is given to the player that is deemed the most outstanding college football player in the nation, an award process that has to sift through more than 120 FBS teams.  That’s about 15,500 players in total.

Okay, we get it – it’s a really, really, REALLY important award.  So why do we care?

In all of the years of the existence of this trophy, only two Oregon Ducks have ever been named Heisman finalists – Joey Harrington and LaMichael James.  Neither won.  The great Dan Fouts, who ended up being one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in the NFL, couldn’t finish his college career with a Heisman.

"Hmm, who should I throw to for a touchdown this time?"

Kevin Cline

“Hmm, who should I throw to for a touchdown this time?”

But wait, we’ve been talking about so much history that we almost forgot about the present!  According to Bovada, an online gambling site used by millions of people, our starting Duckling at quarterback, Sir Marcus Mariota, has been voted the top candidate in the nation for the Heisman award!

Only three weeks have gone by since the beginning of the season, and the world is already recognizing the talent present on our team – specifically, the man running the show, Mariota.  Bovada has Mariota in the lead with 9-2 odds of winning the Heisman, while in second place is the nation’s troublemaker and previous Heisman winner, Johnny Football at 5-1 odds.

I know it’s early, and Marcus hasn’t proven himself against top competition this year, but there’s no doubt we have something special in our small town off the I-5, that any football program would love to have.  We’ll keep an eye on the Heisman race, but it’s always good to know that something must be going right if the Ducks have someone in the Heisman talks.

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