Oregon out-bulked by most SEC schools

Amazing Moments

The following are observations from a comparison of the Oregon and Tennessee football rosters:

  • The Ducks have five players who weigh 300 or more pounds.
  • Tennessee has 17 players weighing more than 300 pounds.  (Alabama also has 17).

I look at this as a result of Chip Kelly’s recruiting.  He wanted quick, athletic and conditioned linemen for his offense, and that manifested itself in some leaner bodies.  Oregon right tackle Jake Fisher is an ideal linemen for the spread – he’s an athletic specimen and stands comfortably at 6’6″, 291 pounds.

Jake Fisher has appeared in 26 consecutive games, starting 11 in 2012.

Kevin Cline

Jake Fisher started 11 games in 2012, and has appeared in every game the past two years.

  • The Ducks have only two defensive lineman who weigh 300 or more pounds.
  • Tennessee has four 300+pounders on the defensive line, three of them tip the scales at 320 or more.

Here’s another example of Chip’s recruiting – he wanted athletes on defense, too.  Reverting away from the “big-boys-up-front” look, recently the Ducks have featured guys such as Dion Jordan, Arik Armstead and Taylor Hart, at positions that are normally held by 300+ pounders.

  • Ricky Havili-Heimuli is Oregon’s heaviest player at 314 pounds.
  • The Vol’s biggest player is Daniel McCullers.  He’s 6-foot-8 and reportedly weighs in at 365 pounds, give-or-take a roast chicken or two.

McCullers is freakin’ huge, but don’t expect him to be a consistent factor vs. Oregon.  I expect his conditioning to be lacking, and the Ducks should be able to exploit the Volunteers’ D-line in the Autzen heat.

  • The Ducks have 13 players who are 6-foot-6 or taller.
  • Tennessee has only five players who are 6-foot-6 or taller.  (‘Bama has nine, three are TE’s).

Chip didn’t just like athletes, he liked athletes with length.  Players such as Armstead, Kiko Alonso, Colt Lyerla and Jordan, are all examples of Ducks with prodigious wingspans.

Kiko Alonso and Taylor Hart stand 6-4 and 6-6, respectively.

Craig Strobeck

Taylor Hart and Kiko Alonso stand 6-6 and 6-4, respectively.

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