Oregon Proves Its Might

Kevin Cline

If the Ducks didn’t prove anything on Saturday, then I don’t know who did.  Most of the talk from Saturday’s action surrounded the play of the Michigan Wolverines and their star quarterback, Devin Gardner.  What most people either overlook, or have come to expect, is the Ducks dismantling non-conference opponents, regardless of location or timing of the game.

A performance like the one against Virginia will go a long way in validating Helfrich as a coach

Kevin Cline

A performance like the one against Virginia will go a long way in validating Mark Helfrich as a coach

The Ducks’ absolute romp over Virginia this weekend was a prime example of the magnitude of victory being overlooked.  Our Ducks traveled 3,000 miles to take on an improving squad in Virginia.  Let’s face it, they are by no means a powerhouse or even in our league playing-level wise.  However, traveling such a long distance to take on a decent opponent and coming out so sharp, is by no means an easy feat.  If you weren’t watching the first few minutes then you turned on a 21-0 ballgame.

There were plenty of other impressive performances this weekend across the country, but I would like to give a real shout out to our Ducks, whose dominance and ice-filled veins go overlooked, or at this point is just plain expected.  Either way, a performance like the one our Ducks put on this weekend will go a long way in validating our new coach, Mark Helfrich, and laying rest to all the naysayers who claim we can’t win without Chip.


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