Player Spotlight: Johnstone & Yruretagoyena

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Ever wonder what it would be like playing football for the Ducks?  Aside from the fame and popularity, it would probably be quite stressful.  There’s the constant demand for high-scoring wins, which means rigorous schedules involving travel, practices, workouts, team meetings and games.  And then there’s that whole bit about being a student and just trying to play the occasional kid.  By no means would it be easy.

Enter redshirt sophomores Tyler Johnstone and Andre Yruretagoyena, who prove there is still a ton of fun to be had, even while playing for one of the nation’s top college football programs.  Allowing a camera crew to follow them around for A Day In The Life, Johnstone and Yruretagoyena first show us what it’s like being offensive linemen with a shiny, new state-of-the-art football facility in which to prepare for Saturdays.

The second video, filmed by a University of Oregon journalism student, explains how these two long-lost friends, originally from Vancouver, Washington, have since been reunited while playing for the Ducks — a friendship that has now been classified as a full-fledged “Bromance.”  Both videos not only provide a window into what it’s like playing football for the University of Oregon, but also provide tremendous insight into the actual culture of the locker room, which is often overshadowed by on-field drama.

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