Three Weeks Down, and What Have We Learned?

Kevin Cline 

Three weeks have passed since the opening weekend in College Football.  Like any season, there have been upsets, close games, and dominating wins across the nation.  Each game teaches us something new about the teams we follow, and as time progresses, we obtain an idea for where our team stands in the big picture.  So where do the dominating Ducks stand this year?

Ballin! On to the Next One

Kevin Cline

Ballin’! On to the Next One!

To be honest, even after three weeks of college football, we have absolutely no idea where we stand.  In fact, had we not played our three previous games, we would understand our team just as well – and by that I mean, not at all.  We have absolutely dominated every team that we have faced, starting with Nicholls as our home opener, then going to Virginia for our first crack ever at an ACC opponent, and finally finishing off the Tennessee Volunteers in a game that many had stopped watching after a 28-point throwdown in the second quarter.

So why do I say we have absolutely no idea where our team stands in the grand picture?  WE HAVEN’T FACED ANYONE OF OUR STATURE!  Sure, Tennessee is an SEC team that came into the Ducks game 2-0, with dominating wins against their opponents.  But Tennessee is rebuilding and not back among the elite of the SEC — and barely tested Oregon.

The Ducks have a bye week this week, which in some ways is a good thing, and in some, bad.  Too much time off can throw off previously-established chemistries, and can also mentally take you away from the game.  However, it also is a time to study film, rest the bodies and come out with fresh legs a couple of Saturdays later.

The Ducks face the Cal Bears in their next game, and as weird as it sounds, the Bears, out of all of the PAC-12 teams in recent years, have given the Ducks the most trouble.  However, a Bears 37-30 win against Portland State University should have us feeling a little more comfortable coming into this one.

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