Wait — That was an SEC Defense?

Washington Huskies @ Oregon DucksNovember 6, 2010Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR


Seven minutes into the Oregon and Tennessee (soon to be) lopsided game on Saturday afternoon, Ducks fans were beginning to get a bit antsy.  You know, palms began to sweat and stomachs rose up into the throats. In that period of time, things were looking pretty dim as the home squad looked lost on both sides of the ball.  Marcus Mariota sailed about five throws into the cheap seats and the rest of the team certainly didn’t look like the Ducks we all know and love – and who have hopes for a BCS National Title.

Johnny Mundt had a huge game in Lyerla's absence

Kevin Cline

Johnny Mundt had a huge game in Lyerla’s absence

Thankfully, somewhere along the way a lightbulb clicked on.  Mariota and the rest of the Ducks did a complete turnaround in the span of just a couple minutes.  They took what was a 7-0 deficit that had fans worried, into a complete laugher by putting up 38 straight unanswered points before the half even came to a close.  It was classic Oregon Duck football.  But, enough about the score.

Tennessee looked downright terrible. Butch Jones is only in his first season and the team is very young, but boy did they get beat, and beat bad. Their defense hung tough for almost a quarter, but then looked like they were on life support for the rest of the game as the Duck offense sliced and diced their way to score after score.  Technically, Oregon thoroughly dominated an SEC defense on Saturday, but we all know that Tennessee would finish in the middle of the pack in the SEC – maybe.  They aren’t quite what we were looking for in our search for a formidable SEC opponent.  With that being said, bring on ‘Bama!

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Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman is a Senior at the University of Oregon.  He is a cinema studies major and communications minor.  Alex is from the Bay Area and grew up a Cal Bears fan due to many family members attending, but quickly transitioned into being apart of Duck Nation upon his arrival at the U of O.  Alex also works as an ESPNU campus connector as a representative of Oregon.  He hopes to break into the sports media and marketing world once he graduates in June.  All in all Alex is a huge Pac-12 and passionate Duck fan.  Alex would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about each and every one of his articles.