Was That The Philadelphia Eagles Or The Oregon Ducks?

Kevin Cline

Holy guacamole!  That’s about all I can say about last night’s Chip Kelly debut in the NFL.  I can’t deny it, even as a San Francisco 49er fan, I was definitely intrigued to witness Chip Kelly’s offense and RGIII’s comeback.  Heck, I think I may have been even more excited for that game, than the Niner-Packer game on Sunday!

The idea that Oregon Duck neo-legend ‘Big Balls’ Chip, whom I grew to respect and appreciate since my freshman year at the U of O for his out-of-this-world football knowledge, was bringing the Duck offense to the NFL. To be watching the game on Monday Night Football in Week 1 — on the biggest of stages in pro ball – was an indescribable feeling.  So many questions were asked  — dating to the day Kelly signed as the head coach of the Eagles – and so many of them were answered last night.

It Was Easy In College, And It's Just As Easy In The NFL.

Kevin Cline

It Was Easy in College, and It’s Just as Easy in the NFL.

Just like the Oregon offense, the Eagle’s offense showed no mercy to begin the game and pushed the ball down the field with ease in just a couple of minutes.  The play clock barely reached 22 seconds on average per snap, something unheard of in the NFL.  It was a constant hurry-up offense, something Oregon fans are quite used to, and it made the game that much more entertaining.

Bubble screens, inside and outside zone reads, play actions, you name it, Chip did it.  The spread offense, something that was a controversial idea in the NFL prior to Chip’s arrival, was proven last night that no matter how big or fast the opposing defenses are, speed kills.

In fact, I can’t remember ever witnessing an opposing defense – even against the Ducks – huff and puff as much as the Washington Redskins did last night.  By the end of the first quarter, the Eagles ran 30 plays, something that hasn’t been done since 2000.  By the end of the half, the Eagles were up 26-7, which could have easily been 33-0, had Vick not thrown a questionable backwards pass that lead to a lucky Redskins touchdown.  By the end of the game, the final score was 33-27, only because Chip may be unfamiliar with how to run up the score, like in college football.  But he’ll get used to that situation very quickly.

I’m convinced Chip is a football genius — and he is here to stay.

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