Your Oregon Ducks – Social media leaders

Kevin Cline

Oregon football has rocketed up the social media ladder in recent years with their success on the field.   Head of marketing and public relations for Oregon athletics, Craig Pintens, has tactfully leveraged Oregon’s play on the gridiron to the virtual world, rendering Ducks football atop player social media ranks.

Oregon is one of the most liked teams on Facebook with over 656K.  To put that in perspective, two-time defending champs Alabama Crimson Tide have a mere 460K likes — a difference of 196K!  Even more impressive is the Ducks’ Instagram account with over 42K followers, tallying more than 12 NFL teams.  Pinten’s approach to making Oregon a #NationalBrand is why we have witnessed such a spike in Oregon football’s social media pages.  Now people from all over the country have begun to recognize the O.

These numbers are staggering.  Oregon football is a top-tier social media proponent, and that bodes well for the future.  Not only will the Oregon brand gain more recognition throughout the nation, but Oregon will also reach more potential recruits through platforms, which a majority of high schoolers use.

This is just the beginning of the social media craze.  Oregon football is off to the right start but must continue to build off this solid foundation, as these various platforms will be used much more critically in the near future.

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