Addison Morphing Into DAT 2.0 Before Our Very Eyes

Bralon Addison 20, California,13,SF

Steve Francis

Watch this video.  Now this one.  Going into the Washington game, in the two games that De’Anthony Thomas has missed since sustaining an ankle injury on the opening kickoff vs Cal, Bralon Addison had touched the ball 12 times, scored four TDs, and amassed 321 yards.  The sophomore had three scores of 67+ yards (and one of 44) and paired perfectly with Josh Huff to create a dangerous 1-2 punch of deep threats in the passing game.  Yesterday afternoon, in the hostile environment of Husky Stadium, he added eight receptions for 157 yards and two touchdowns.

Addison overcame the elements to burn Cal on two punt returns.

Kevin Cline

Addison overcame the elements to burn Cal on two punt returns, then followed it up with 8 receptions for 157 yards and two TDs against the Dogs.

Having multiple receivers who can line up all over the field and be consistent play-makers is a true luxury, and that’s exactly what the Ducks have in Addison, Huff and Thomas (when he’s healthy).  When DAT returns it may cut into Addison’s production a bit, but I expect him to consistently average 5-9 touches per game the rest of the season.  He has proven that he’s a top-tier athlete and punt returner, and I only expect him to continue growing into his role as a wide receiver who consistently runs good routes and stretches the defense.

Looking ahead, Addison should seize the role as the Ducks’ No. 1 receiver after this season and emerge as a potential All Pac-12 type of player.  Last night was the first time he’s ever had more than six receptions in a game, so we’ll know he is truly an integral part of the offense as he progresses towards 10+ targets per game.  Right now, he plays well off of Huff and the Ducks’ physical tight ends, but in order to prove he’s an NFL talent, he’ll have to show that he can find space consistently and run precise routes when defenses begin scheming against him.  If he shows that he’s more than just an athlete, he could become a player similar to Seattle’s Golden Tate or Green Bay’s Randall Cobb.

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Brett Perez

Brett Perez

Brett is a graduate of Astoria High School and is currently a sophomore journalism student at the University of Oregon and member of the 2012-2013 Cheerleading team. He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 211 in Astoria, and enjoys rock climbing and all fitness pursuits. Brett's favorite sport is baseball, with football a close second. Minoring in Spanish, he hopes to work with Latinos in Major League Baseball in some capacity in the future, either as a scout or translator.


    OH Man I’m sure A@M wishes they wouldn’t of lost him, the kid is Amazing, but here’s my take on this Brett, even if DAT come’s back which he will, it will be a plus no matter what Young man, because here’s why, Defenses are finding it really hard right now to scheme against our offense with all the Talent we have, and here’s the good part, their all so young. DAT coming back just means one on one coverage for everyone, no matter who we play, and that spells DISASTER whether its UCLA, Stanford or Little Bro in the last Game. Special, just from one year, this offense is well offensive for Defenses. Has anybody ever caught a QB a sophmore for that matter sliding like Marcus before contact, WOW this kid is special, he is so Schematicly intelligent that Scott Frost has to be just doing Cartwheels because this has to be the easiest transition for any 1st year OC anywhere ever. Gotta Love it.

    • slim

      It’s not “Wouldn’t of,” It’s “Wouldn’t have.” Even though it sounds like “wouldn’t of” when you say it. Take away the contraction and the three words are “would not have,” not “would not of.” Writers should know those things.
      literary duck fan