After Passing First Test, Ducks Must Avoid “Cardinal-ing it”

Pharaoh Brown, Marcus Mariota and Byron Marshall will need to keep up production throughout the season.

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All the doubt about what the Mighty Ducks could do against a tough team evaporated last Saturday when they defeated the Washington Huskies.  While the Ducks had an easy schedule the first half of the season, they were still virtually untested while holding the No. 2 ranking.  This game was their first real test as they race toward the last BCS (Natty) National Championship, as legitimate contenders.  Leaving Seattle with a 45-24 victory was a good sign of things to come, but as the upsets on Saturday show, it’s going to be a long 2nd half of the season.

While fans were flipping channels to see how other top teams were doing, ABC showed something surprising — Clemson trailing Boston College at the half in what looked to be a classic “Clemson-ing it” kind of game.  This phrase came about after a few years of building a national championship team, and falling to a team they should have beaten easily.

With memories of what happened last year, Ducks fans never get too comfortable

Kevin Cline

With memories of what happened last year, Ducks fans never get too comfortable

The Ducks must avoid this experience in the Pac-12, now known as “Cardinal-ing it.”  Simply put, Stanford was the clear favorite over the Utes, but was unable to stop a comeback late into the game and lost.  Stanford has been a national title contender the past couple years but has lost games they should have won.  The Ducks can’t afford to drop a game this year if they hope to attend the Natty again.  There are good teams in the Pac-12 that play competitively, and most college football fans consider the Pac-12 to be the second-best conference in the nation, so every week is another challenge.  Stanford has a stain on their record already, and the UCLA Bruins are almost a lock to represent the South division and will look to spoil the season for us in a couple weeks.  We may have O’s on the back of our helmets, but there are also targets on our backs.

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Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal

Max is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. He did his best Chip Kelly impersonation moving to Oregon from southern New Hampshire back in 2008. As a Portland area resident, he discovered UO through his older sister who studied there. He is also a member of the Bowerman's Pack which promotes Oregon's track and field team and even collaborates with Nike on grassroots running events. However, his true passion is Ducks' football. If you ever want to meet him in person, come to a blow-out game at Autzen Stadium and wander over to the student section. He will be the last one there after everyone else has left early.


    I just do not think the Ducks will be CARDINALING it to any team this year, the proof is in the results and this Coaching staff will not let that happen and Marc Helfrich will do what Chip could not do, and thats win the Ducks 1st National Championship. 1st He’s a true Oregonian which will make this the sweetest statement of all, nothing against Chip but hes an East coast guy period. It really was a lot of EGO in that guy or couldn’t anyone see that, and that’s why he lost some of the BIG Games we clearly should not of lost. Credit to Marc though He learned a lot from Chip on what not to repeat and these attributes will benefit this Team in the long run.

    • gamedaytribe

      What?? Are you serious? I can’t disagree with your sentiment and point of view in any way. It’s just sad, and extraordinarily chauvinistic and misinformed.

      You have no hesitation in recruiting players from all over the country. Your wins and success are coming off their sacrifices and sweat. Appreciate it, and be thankful that they chose to come here and share their time with us. I sincerely hope there isn’t another person in Oregon who can find it in their hearts to turn on Chip like that.


      • gamedaytribe

        Can’t agree with your sentiment, not disagree, I meant.

    • BillyJackJames

      Love your statement and could not agree more with the conclusion if not the total premise. The Chipster was and is and arrogant genius but as he is finding out in Philly he needs players to succeed. He will also find out in Philly if he doesn’t completely renovate the team in one season that he will need the good will of the fans and media–something the Chipster disdained. Good manners and decency never good out of style, something Helfrich innately understands even if he does kneejerk default to Kellyisms at times.

  • charlirock92

    one thing is clear from the last 2 seasons, never ever,ever,ever wear black jerseys at home verses an opponent that has the slightest chance to compete with us. Glad black agains wsu, don’t wear it again until Colorado comes back to town. Go Ducks, overlook nobody, hope autzen can still bring it when needed this year.