And so it Begins

Kevin Cline

The Ducks have traveled down a very smooth road throughout the past 8 weeks of college football.  Teams come into Autzen pumped up, ready to make some national upset news, and leave with their heads down, confused as to why they’re even playing football in the first place.  That’s simply how it has been this season . . . until now.

The Chosen One

Kevin Cline

The Chosen One

This smooth ride to the BCS National Championship may have just hit some turbulence, and Captain Helfrich will be reporting for duty to help us get to safe ground.  We can’t deny it, as a head coach, Mark Helfrich is still a rookie.  Although he has loads of intelligence when it comes to the game, experience as a head coach can only be achieved through, well . . . experience!

With teams such as UCLA and Stanford coming up, our questions that were asked since the day Coach Helf was hired will finally be answered. Will he be able to stand up to the plate and hit the home run this year, with this young group of talent he has at his disposal? We’ll find out shortly.

Thankfully, the Ducks have a bye week coming up after this weekend’s game, which should give them enough time to prepare for the hated Cardinal.  Stanford left its mark on the Bruins last week, showing they’re not going to let their “fluke” of a loss to Utah stop them from achieving their goals.

The controlled game that Stanford played definitely irritated the Bruins, as they had some big dreams ahead of them, and UCLA will be looking to relieve some of their stress against the Ducks.  What the Bruins may not remember, due to the cloud of frustration floating in their heads, is that the Ducks destroyed them in the Pac-12 Championship game two years ago, and that the Ducks are hungrier than ever this year to make a splash across the country.

Oregon may have a little slithering “black momba” come back this weekend against the Bruins, and spread its venom across the whole team.  Should be a good one folks!

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