Disregard the Meaningless BCS Standings . . . for now

Craig Strobeck

Every year, the media (ESPN, especially) loves to talk about the much-anticipated BCS standings.  Assorted computers have churned out their initial numbers, electronically ranking the country’s best teams but at this point, it’s not the focus for most programs.  The Ducks debut at No. 3, behind second place FSU and Alabama.  However, the goal for this team hasn’t changed.  They need to win the day, everyday, and for the entire season.  We have recently seen Oregon close with one-loss seasons, finishing out of the title hunt.  These Ducks won’t be headed back to another national championship game unless they beat everyone on their schedule.

Running away from the rest of the BCS teams will be a marathon, not a sprint, for the Ducks

Kyle Mickelson

Running away from the other BCS teams will be a marathon, not a sprint, for the Ducks.

The final BCS ranking, before post-season games are announced, is the only one that truly matters.  Every week before that is good fun but not worthy of serious debate or controversy.  This is not to say that the Duck team isn’t focused.  Around campus, you will hear that BCS means Bruins Come Saturday.  The only thing that should keep fans preoccupied is the prospect of Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State all finishing undefeated.  But as recent history has shown us, there remains plenty of football to be played, which means plenty more upsets to come.  The Ducks are only half way to their ultimate goal, but the hardest tests are yet to come.

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