Ducks Control Their Own Fate

Craig Strobeck

With the release of the first BCS standings on Sunday night, Florida State – surprising to some – beat out Oregon for the No. 2 spot.

After an impressive beat down of then No. 3-ranked Clemson, the Noles shot up past Oregon, who have only played one ranked team in then-No. 16-ranked Washington.

Florida State holds the slimmest of leads with a BCS average of .9348 while Oregon’s is .9320.  A difference of a mere .0028.

Looking ahead, Oregon boasts a tougher schedule, with upcoming back-to-back games against ranked foes UCLA (No. 12) and Stanford (No. 6).  They potentially will play a third ranked team in Oregon State – currently 25th – if the Beavers can win out, until they meet Oregon in late November.

Marcus Mariota's play will be crucial in propelling the Ducks to the National Championship game

Kevin Cline

Marcus Mariota’s play will be crucial in propelling the Ducks to the National Championship game.

Florida State’s remaining ACC schedule is much less daunting, having to face only one ranked team, on November 2nd, when they will square off against No. 7-ranked Miami at home but besides that, their schedule is a cake-walk compared to Oregon’s.

Hypothetically, if both teams are to go undefeated, common sense says the Ducks should eventually jump Florida State and be in line to play in the National Championship game. They have three ranked teams left on their schedule, compared to the Noles’ one.

Obvious to most fans, Oregon must keep winning games to have a fighting chance at reaching the National Championship.  If they do, their chances are good and they can finally show the nation what they can do against a potentially top-ranked Alabama team.

This is only the first week of BCS standings and the mayhem has yet to begin.  Just look at last week – eight ranked teams lost this past Saturday.

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