Mariota draft bound? De’Anthony best player in the nation?

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Marcus Mariota Draft update

With another impressive game by Heisman candidate Marcus Mariota against Washington this past weekend, talks have begun to swirl about his quickly rising draft stock.  According to many draft pundits Mariota could be a top 5 pick in the upcoming 2014 draft.

Last week on the John Canzano radio show, Mariota was asked about his thoughts on entering the draft.  He answered by saying:

“My family and I have decided to hold off on these conversations until after the season.  We’re obviously going to put the pros and cons together, and we’re going to do what’s best for the family.”

 If Mariota can continue his magical season and possibly win the Heisman trophy, his value would be at an all-time high by the end of the season.  The fact that he is even considering entering the 2014 draft is a telltale sign that Mariota leaving in the offseason could be a harsh reality for Ducks fans.

Just this past weekend, after the Ducks had beaten the Huskies, Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian praised Mariota: “I don’t know when he is planning on going to the NFL, but when he does, I think he’ll be a top-five draft pick.”

With the media, and now even opposing coaches lauding Mariota’s talent and skill, it could be time for him to leave while his draft stock is sky high, avoiding the risk of an injury or a bad season next year.  Ultimately, Mariota and his family have a tough decision ahead of them, but judging from Mariota’s past, he will make the right decision.


De’Anthony Thomas says he is best player in college football – maybe?

De'Anthony's humor makes him one the most dynamic players in college

Craig Strobeck

De’Anthony’s humor makes him one the most dynamic players in college.

In a recent interview with Thomas, he was asked how close he was to playing against Washington.  According to him, he was not close at all and could be out longer than expected.  If that is the case, Helfrich might hold him back against Washington State this weekend in order to have him hopefully 100% for the big games against ranked foes UCLA and Stanford.

On a lighter note, De’Anthony was later asked if he thought Mariota was the best player in the league.  He responded jokingly (or maybe not) saying, “Yes . . . besides myself.”


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