Glenn Hanna

Glenn Hanna

Glenn Hanna has been the originator of the best GIFs created at It did not matter the idea that Charles Fischer had--Glenn made the GIF and improved upon the concept considerably. He grew up in North Bend and moved to Eugene in 1998 where he has been a video editor for 11 years and has most recently edited video for Oregon’s longest interception record-holder, Ken Klein. Glenn also has a knack for Photoshop. Glenn currently attends the University of Oregon majoring in Economics and minoring in Computer Science. Glenn talks about the Ducks year-round online and collects score predictions for each game and posts them to his blog,

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  1. Stephen Wallner says:

    Don’t forget the shiny helmets they debuted a couple of weeks ago, and the matte black ones they are pulling out for Saturday!

  2. hokieduck says:

    I cannot say that I am a fan of the attempt at humor in these attempts at GIFs. Just my two cents, not intended to criticize but to give (unsolicited) feedback. I apologize if anyone writer or reader takes offense.

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