The “What If” Statement

Craig Strobeck 

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Ducks and haters, we have officially come to the halfway mark of the 2013-2014 season.  So far, so good wouldn’t you say?  Competition has grown tougher as time has gone by, and our team has pushed through some boring, and some exciting, dominating wins.  We have reached that time of the year when we start to feel invincible as fans, as though nothing could ever go wrong.  The Ducks seem to be shoving the football down each opponent’s throat, as they drive on, seemingly as if no one else is out on the field.

We Don't Fear Challenges, We Welcome Them.

Kevin Cline

We Don’t Fear Challenges, We Welcome Them!!

Is a 13-0 season a possibility for the Quick-Quack Ducks?  Of course.  However, a sense of doubt could creep into the minds of the most devoted fans, no matter if we are aware of it, while living on a high just from looking at the win/loss column. That feeling makes us cringe a bit and say, “what if?”

What if we have a three-peat of missed late game field goals to ruin our perfect seasons? What if one of our stars receives a devastating injury that demolishes any hope at a national championship, or even a worse bowl?

We can’t forget, the only team that went undefeated in Ducks’ history is the 2010-2011 group that was “that close” to winning its first national championship. So really, we can’t say we’re there until we truly arrive.  The confidence level of fans has to fly high, that’s what makes Ducks fans the greatest on Earth, but we also have to stay realistic.  We aren’t better people because our team might be better than another fan’s team, and we don’t have the right to brag about the team until Coach Helfrich lifts that crystal ball in the air in front of thousands of Ducks fans.

Two teams play the game to win, but one has to unfortunately come out a lesser winner.  Fans need to appreciate the team for what it is today, and not what it could be in January, and maintain the same mentality as the team — Win The Day.

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