Whose Turn is it Against the Buffs?

Kevin Cline 

It’s easy being a Ducks fan these days.  You wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning to see some average college football games on ESPN, while preparing your truck with your barbeque and the assortment of different meats you purchased at Costco the day before for the Tailgate with all of your buddies.

Your family and friends then head over to Autzen Stadium with the most positive mindset you’ve had all week, knowing there’s about a 1% chance the speedy Ducks won’t win that day’s matchup.  By the end of the first quarter, your mind is elsewhere, thinking about how much traffic will be on the I-5 back to (your hometown), because the Ducks are up 28-0.

"Hey Dion What Do You Want For Lunch Today?" "A Buffalo Sandwich!"

Amazing Moments

“Hey, Dion — What Do You Want For Lunch Today?”
“A Buffalo Sandwich!”

But whom can we thank for giving us such an easy, stress-free, kickback time at Autzen?  Everyone, that’s who!

For the past five Duck games, the stat sheet has been hogged by different players every week!  Momba, Mariota, Addison, Huff, Marshall, Tyner, Ekpre-Olomu, and even up-and-coming superstar tight end Johnny Mundt!

I’ve been saying this since the beginning of my time here at FishDuck, this Oregon team is more talented than the team that took us to the BCS National Championship game in 2011 against Auburn – and I won’t back down from that statement.

Well, time to gear up our wings for another Ducks’ battle this weekend, ladies and gentleman, as we head over to battle the relatively new addition to the Pac-12 in the Colorado Buffaloes.

The big question in today’s game is not whether we will come out victorious, but which of the highly-talented Ducks will lead us to cover the predicted 39-point spread.

The funny thing is that I believe there will be two MVPs to Saturday’s game, as there will be a first-half star — and a second-half star, a player gleaned from the second and third units.

1st half star: Marcus Mariota
2nd half star: Thomas Tyner

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