A Big L for The Big O

Kevin Cline

Oregon vs Stanford was a game that the whole nation was waiting for the entire year.  Anyone involved in the college football world understood the meaning of this matchup. This one could have either proved that Oregon belonged in the national championship to take on the mighty Crimson Tide, or that Stanford was a legitimate force to be reckoned with, and that last year’s win at Autzen wasn’t a fluke at all.

Boy-oh-boy, though, did Stanford make a statement with this one.  Stanford’s offense absolutely abused the Oregon Duck defense.  Never, in my four years at this university, have I ever seen Oregon get toyed around with so easily.

The Only Thing Good About Thursday's Game Was The Our Cheerleaders Looked Way Better Than Stanford's.

Kevin Cline

The Only Thing Good About Thursday’s Game Was That Our Cheerleaders Looked Way Better Than Stanford’s.

In my previous article, I wrote about what the Ducks needed to do in order to win Thursday’s game, and that was to have their defense outshine their offense.  That wasn’t exactly the case, as the Cardinal literally ran the same play on almost every down, running the ball down the throats of the Ducks, time and time again.

With the defense getting tired on the field due to the slow, sadistic yard-by-yard offense that Stanford was running, the Oregon offense was fresh and ready to find a way to turn the ball over, just to get the Oregon defense back on the field for more torture.

If anything, we should really thank Stanford for what they did to us this year.  They probably saved us a lot more embarrassment in this one than potentially having to face an Alabama team with possibly a better run game than the Cardinal.

The God-given touchdowns at the end of the game made the scoreboard look a little better than 26-0, but there was nothing to take away from that game except for the fact that this Ducks’ team may have been overhyped and not quite BCS national championship-worthy.

The fact of the matter is, our trickery and speed can only get us so far.  A strong defense is what is missing from this Ducks’ team, and we can only hope that after two years of getting bullied by the Cardinal, that the Oregon coaching staff will rise to the occasion and put us back as the top team in the PAC-12, because as of now, there’s a new sheriff in town, and they’re a bad, bad, bunch of nerds.

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