A Big L for The Big O


Kevin Cline

Oregon vs Stanford was a game that the whole nation was waiting for the entire year.  Anyone involved in the college football world understood the meaning of this matchup. This one could have either proved that Oregon belonged in the national championship to take on the mighty Crimson Tide, or that Stanford was a legitimate force to be reckoned with, and that last year’s win at Autzen wasn’t a fluke at all.

Boy-oh-boy, though, did Stanford make a statement with this one.  Stanford’s offense absolutely abused the Oregon Duck defense.  Never, in my four years at this university, have I ever seen Oregon get toyed around with so easily.

The Only Thing Good About Thursday's Game Was The Our Cheerleaders Looked Way Better Than Stanford's.

Kevin Cline

The Only Thing Good About Thursday’s Game Was That Our Cheerleaders Looked Way Better Than Stanford’s.

In my previous article, I wrote about what the Ducks needed to do in order to win Thursday’s game, and that was to have their defense outshine their offense.  That wasn’t exactly the case, as the Cardinal literally ran the same play on almost every down, running the ball down the throats of the Ducks, time and time again.

With the defense getting tired on the field due to the slow, sadistic yard-by-yard offense that Stanford was running, the Oregon offense was fresh and ready to find a way to turn the ball over, just to get the Oregon defense back on the field for more torture.

If anything, we should really thank Stanford for what they did to us this year.  They probably saved us a lot more embarrassment in this one than potentially having to face an Alabama team with possibly a better run game than the Cardinal.

The God-given touchdowns at the end of the game made the scoreboard look a little better than 26-0, but there was nothing to take away from that game except for the fact that this Ducks’ team may have been overhyped and not quite BCS national championship-worthy.

The fact of the matter is, our trickery and speed can only get us so far.  A strong defense is what is missing from this Ducks’ team, and we can only hope that after two years of getting bullied by the Cardinal, that the Oregon coaching staff will rise to the occasion and put us back as the top team in the PAC-12, because as of now, there’s a new sheriff in town, and they’re a bad, bad, bunch of nerds.

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Dean Davis

Dean Davis

Dean Davis grew up for most of his life in the Bay Area. A huge 49er and Warrior fan. After moving to Eugene in 2010 he couldn't resist the urge to add the Ducks to his list of favorites, and is now aDuck fan for life. Dean is a Human Physiology student at the U of O who loves to play basketball and stay in shape during his free time. His favorite Duck of all time is Anthony Blake, a warrior on and off the field. You can Tweet Dean at @DeanDavisDaDuck

  • niggaprease

    I bet Oregon’s really missing Chip Kelly right now.

  • GratefulD_420

    Dean –

    Thanks for your limited support.

    Yes we got beat, and yes the method the Cardinals used made it hard to watch. But for you to start repeating and buying into what the biased national pundits say is truly sad if you truly are a fan of Oregon.

    Think of what happens if Mariotta doesn’t miss a wide open TD to Huff on 1’st drive? What if we convert inside of three yard line the next drive? We weren’t smashed and overwhelmed … we didn’t execute and got smacked!

    If the Ducks score.. Stanford start to play our game…play happen faster and they would have been exposed. Also one game doesn’t define a teams capabilities.

    I’ve tried to keep civil… but you saying thanks to Stanford for saving us from Alabama is nauseating. Bama would be tough, but if we executed we could beat them on any given day this season. The SEC is good… but they have proven less than the PAC12 this season… and now your buying into it. For that matter they haven’t proven anything in three years…this year…. last year (NC beating ND….please!) nor the previous year…. LSU vs AL… of course the SEC won! Then everyone saying how the Ducks are good for at least one loss each year makes them so bad….when the last time AL went made it through a season undefeated (4 years ago)? Note: we were 3 points away from completing that feat 3 years ago). Note: AL won the NC 2 yrs ago when they they weren’t even conf champs… the same thing that will keep us from playing in the NC this year. NOTE: We just lost by 6 point to the #5 team in the country.

    Standford executed better than us and made less mistakes on this Thursday night (until the last 5 min, by the way which still counts as playing for a FULL 60 minutes). Stanford won. Guarantee you if we execute and don’t make 2 turn overs to their ZERO and 10 penalties to their 2 penalties we make them play our game and run them out of their own stadium.

    Before lashing out and then bowing down you should check the facts and then the definition of what being a lifetime fan is.

  • Duck4Life

    GratefulD – what Dean said was the brutal truth. Being a fan doesn’t mean just blind loyalty to the cause and drinking your own cool aid; it means also having the ability to call it like it is. Stanford owned us this game, and they were more physical last year too. That’s not a fluke, and any excuses about missed opportunities are just that – lame excuses. In the immortal words of Jim Mora Sr:

    “Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” is the difference in what I’m talking
    about! The good teams don’t come in and say “Could’ve.” They get it
    done! All right? It’s that simple! I’m tired of saying “Could’ve,
    should’ve, would’ve.” That’s why we ain’t good enough yet! ‘Cause we’re
    saying “Could’ve” and they ain’t!

    I’m pissed off right now. You bet your ass I am. I’m sick of coulda, woulda, shoulda, coming close, if only.”

    I love the Ducks – they tried, but it wasn’t to be. Keep up your even keeled approach DD. That leads to a better definition of fandom than ungrateful would have the Ducks nation believe.

  • GratefulD_420


    Don’t think so bro.

    Dean attacked the team and the coaching. Dean attacked our philosophy. Dean supported that “Stanford saved the DUCKS from Alabama?”???? WTF!

    I guess you support those things also?

    I said, we lost. They executed better, we played into their strength and they deserved to win. There is no cool-aid in that. But supporting an article that we should re-think our kids and approach to football?? R U F K’Ding Me?

    If you are a Duck for life then I ask you re-think this conversation. It does hurt to loose. I was at the game. I came home and watched again. But Dean’s statements are NOT the brutal truth… they are a bunch of misconceptions of the outcome and the National Media pundits playing on your psyche. The Ducks are great. The Ducks didn’t execute the game plan and got beat. The Ducks don’t need to re-think anything except their week of preparation and how to make the outcome/execution different. That’s starts with this next week. WTD.

    So what do you suggest Life Time Duck?
    – “Change from our trickery ways?” (No fan would EVER say that!), so apologize NOW. It’s what Dean said and you say your supporting. This is the WORST statement ever made by a DUCK fan. I’m offended. DUCKS play real football not trickery and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know football and is not a duck fan. (that is a PERIOD at the end of the sentence!)
    – “God Given TD’s?” There is 60 minutes in football. Don’t discount the 5 min of good ones we actually executed better. These minutes were nothing like the old… “during trash time.” Cardinals were SCARED. True Duck fans were excited.

    – “Ducks’ team may have been overhyped and not quite BCS national championship-worthy.” WTF? Have you not seen or believed in the OREGON DUCKS? Our way is the future of college and pro football. There IS your cool-aid… if you don’t like it…. get Off the BUS.

    Sorry guys. But here is the deal. I will pass by a conversation and statements like this on many open forums. But we can’t allow you to openly wallow in your personal sorrows by attacking the team and coaches and major philosophies that have given us so much enjoyment over the years on a DUCK team site. If you want to watch “BIG-BOY-FOOTBALL”… be a Cardinal or a BUCKEYE or a BAMA lover and enjoy your “BRUTAL TRUTH” (while you can).

    – Gratefully Dedicated
    Oregon DUCK FAN

    • FishDuck

      We welcome opinions and comments from all Oregon fans..but let’s keep this site as one that does not use or abbreviate profanity.


  • DUCK’72

    Perhaps this has been touched on before, I know one announcer talked about it after the Ducks lost the NC to Auburn: A large part of Oregon’s offense is wearing down their opponents. When TV timeouts allow the teams enough time to take a nap then that (important) part of their offense is negated. Personally, between the commercial timeouts and the heavy handed officiating I couldn’t watch the 4th quarter.

  • GratefulD_420


    Charles –

    Agreed. I do apologize for the abbreviated profanity. I am a family man, love the site and can commit to that. We’ll keep it above-board.

    However, my excuse/reason is as follows…..
    Nothing like coming home from the game, then analyzing the TV coverage…then looking for homage in the FishDuck site to find this article slamming on the Ducks by a “Ducks Fan/Writer.” It truly struck a nerve.

    Of course, I am still waiting for an “abbreviated apology” for the real unabbreviated profanity… “Stanford saved the Ducks from Alabama,” “our trickery can only get us so far,” “the fact that this Ducks’ team may have been overhyped and not quite BCS national championship-worthy,”

    The above article statements are the real, full worded, unabbreviated profanity, especially from someone claiming to be a fan.

    – GratefulD

    • FishDuck

      Hey Grateful,

      You are a passionate fan…I got it. But I write stuff all the time that people disagree with…and sometimes having coaches email to tell me that I am wrong.

      Then I have other coaches tell me that I am right.

      The point is there are so many opinions that we hardly expect others to apologize for their opinion–even if we disagree with it. Not all the writers here are going to agree with the veteran writers, and many do not have the sense of history that we do.

      Yet…there are many that agree with them. Let’s just assert our opinion and be done with it.

      Thanks for commenting.