Prepping for a Rematch Starts Now


Craig Strobeck

“Oregon loses against physical teams.”

What has been the Achilles heel for the Ducks in the past proves unfortunately true, once again.  The crux — the Cardinal ran the ball more than 50 times.  They dominated the trenches on both sides of the ball and established a simple blueprint for other top teams: run the ball, control the clock, pressure the quarterback, and run the ball some more.

If next season is going to be any different, the Ducks must start getting to work now.  They must focus on recruits with better size and strength.  The returning defensive lineman must also put on weight to compete with more physical teams.  Oregon is built for big mobile men on the offensive line who can get into spaces to block, and beating other teams with our speed is not the problem.  I would think Jim Radcliffe, the Strength and Conditioning Coach, will make the bulking up of the DL guys a major point of emphasis in the winter workouts.  But it’s not only the sweat — it’s the nutrition.  And that, my friends, is a Duck forte’. 

A blocked field goal for a TD started a comeback that was too little, too late.

Craig Strobeck

A blocked field goal for a TD started a comeback that was too little, too late, for the Ducks.

The turnovers and penalties were also a major deterrent for any hopes of winning last Thursday.  If you look at a match-up between the elite programs of LSU and Alabama, they had 11 penalties — combined.  The Ducks had 10.  Penalties kill drives and make scoring much harder.  On defense, it opened up opportunities on third downs for Stanford that could have been third-and-longs instead of third-and-shorts.  And, like any level of football, losing the turnover margin, loses games more often than not.

CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu committed a controversial pass interference penalty which let Stanford off the hook.

Craig Strobeck

CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu committed a controversial pass interference penalty, which let Stanford off the hook.


If this program is serious about a national championship, the players and coaches must start walking the walk.  We know a perfect season is hard.

Now we need to know the strategy going forward or the results next season may be the same.


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Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal

Max is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. He did his best Chip Kelly impersonation moving to Oregon from southern New Hampshire back in 2008. As a Portland area resident, he discovered UO through his older sister who studied there. He is also a member of the Bowerman's Pack which promotes Oregon's track and field team and even collaborates with Nike on grassroots running events. However, his true passion is Ducks' football. If you ever want to meet him in person, come to a blow-out game at Autzen Stadium and wander over to the student section. He will be the last one there after everyone else has left early.

  • GratefulD_420

    Again, my point about profanity….

    “Oregon loses against physical teams”

    might as well go to ESPN to hear how the DUCKS are to small, need recruits with better Size and strength,”

    “if this program is serious about national championships….” it better do something different…

    Pretty sad this is supposed to be a Duck fan site. I can take constructive criticism, but not the same old cliché built by the National Media… about how the Ducks weren’t tough enough the Ducks are big enough, the Ducks aren’t elite.

    Dr Mr. Blumenthal, let’s engage in discourse.

    In football, it is quite rudimentary to say to win a game you must control the trenches, minimize penalties and win the turnovers. It doesn’t matter if your are Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, Boise State, Nevada, TCU or La Tech. If you do the above things you probably win the game. So suggesting this is the Formula to beat the Ducks…. is like saying the atmosphere is the key strategy to preventing a sun burn.

    For you to say the Ducks should recruit for bigger and stronger athletes…. you should have some understanding of what you ask for. I just root for the guys we have, the men of Oregon, and they are amazing. You must understand the coaches can only recruit the highest quality of young men to live in Eugene. You must understand these are the men we want. These are the men we cheer for.

    If you think that we need better athletes, better size and strength and we need players and coaches who walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. Then I imagine you should find one of those teams to be you your favorite team. Because, I hope that our DUCKS don’t jump ship now. Don’t change direction. I know they won’t. Stay the course. We have changed the landscape of football and are close to changing it forever at the college and NFL ranks. Football has never been so exciting. Enjoy your bigger stronger athletes with your LSU 9, AL 6 scorefest.