Quiet Mariota Makes Loud Bang In College Sports

Craig Strobeck

October 30th marked Marcus Mariota’s 20th year on planet Earth.  Mariota may be 20 years young, but he plays and acts 40-years-wise.  Marcus covered Sports Illustrated nationally for the first time in his career, (he also covered SI’s College Football magazine earlier in his career), and is the front runner in the Heisman race.  He has the potential to top it all off by winning one of the biggest games American sports has to offer — the BCS National Championship Game!

Marcus Mariota, The Professional Professional.

Kevin Cline

Marcus Mariota is the consummate, yet humble, Ducks QB.

Imagine, you’ve just endured your last days as a teen, and you’re leading the No.2 Oregon Ducks down the road so few teams can only dream.  It’s simply mind boggling how much hype there is surrounding one young star – and the Island calm he calls on to handle it all.

Sometimes we underrate the pressures with which student-athletes must cope.  As football players, they may be thinking that they’re invincible, that nothing can overcome them, just because they ply their trade on a 50″ flat screen.

But they are human beings, after all.  The only difference is that they have a unique skill set, and they use those skills to put smiles on our faces — for the most part.

We get to sit at home, thinking we know all of the answers – in the vicarious world of past-prime time armchair quarterbacks.

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