Best Ducks sports tweets from the weekend

Every week, the Emerald sports staff will collect and post their favorite tweets from Oregon athletes, coaches, media, etc. Below are the favorites from sports reporter Anne Yilmaz from Dec. 13-15.

Oregon distance runner Jeramy Elkaim  comments on the weather:

After a very quick winter it is officially spring in Eugene #soakinupinthesun

— Jeramy Elkaim (@jelkaim25) December 13, 2013

Oregon basketball guard Jalil Abdul-Bassit is happy finals are over and done with:

Finished my last final!!! Came out the classroom singing
young scooter – “made it through the struggle”

— Jalil Abdul-Bassit (@JEazyBuckets) December 13, 2013

Oregon acrobatics and tumbling base Krista Phillips:

I love looking at pictures and just remembering all the fun times ive had in my life.

— krista phillips (@phillips_krista) December 13, 2013

Oregon football alumn and 49ers running back LaMichael James posts a photo of current teammate Anthony Dixon:

Usually we feed him outside but occasionally we let him eat inside … @Boobie24Dixon

— LaMichael James (@LaMichaelJames) December 14, 2013

Oregon baseball outfielder AJ Balta:

Turn your phone off for a day and find out what is really important to you

— AJ Balta© (@Ajbalta) December 14, 2013

Oregon football wide receiver Eric Dungy talks Toy Story:

Gettin all nostalgic with this original Toy Story on ABCFam tho! #90skid

— Eric Dungy (@Edee9teen) December 14, 2013

Ima keep it real. Toy story3 made me cry! Ik I can’t be the only one tho..

— Eric Dungy (@Edee9teen) December 14, 2013

Oregon football running back De’Anthony Thomas vents about strategy game ‘Clash of the Clans:’



Oregon football defensive back Bronson Yim:

May your glass never reach half empty

— Bronson Yim (@R2G_BYIM) December 14, 2013

Oregon women’s soccer defender Achijah Berry shares a funny airport story:

Whenever I fly my mom can’t just drop me off, she has to park and walk me to check in and security

— Achijah Berry (@achijahsays) December 14, 2013

NOT TODAY THOUGH! Im a woman now

— Achijah Berry (@achijahsays) December 14, 2013

Oregon football wide receiver BJ Kelley:

It’s not always about circumstance. It’s your mindset that separates you from the rest.

— BJ KELLEY (@OMEGAKELLEYY) December 14, 2013

Elkaim jokes about Eugene’s airport.

Dang the Eugene Airport is packed. It almost took me 20 minutes to get through security #smallairportadvantages

— Jeramy Elkaim (@jelkaim25) December 15, 2013

Oregon baseball outfielder Austin Grebeck:

what just happened my bag was the first out of baggage claim #firsttimeforeverything

— Austin Grebeck (@AustinGrebeck) December 15, 2013

Oregon football offensive lineman Karrington Armstrong posts a sweet note for his mother’s birthday:

To my loving mother you are my motivation, my drive! Your strength is unmatched and our families…

— Karrington Armstrong (@KarringtonA) December 15, 2013

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