Colt Lyerla seeks permission to move to Las Vegas after postponement of Thursday’s hearing

Colt Lyerla’s status hearing for cocaine possession charges on Thursday lasted just minutes. Lyerla’s lawyer Stephen Houze requested the hearing be postponed to Dec. 16 after finding out the assigned prosecutor for his client’s case was not available this week.

Had Thursday’s hearing at the Lane County Circuit Court gone as scheduled, Judge Karsten Rasmussen would have determined whether or not to grant a special request from Lyerla, a former Oregon tight end. Houze is seeking a judge’s permission to allow Lyerla to move from Oregon to Las Vegas in order to train for the NFL combine and draft held in the spring. Lylera would train under Dwight Ross, a trainer for Performance Athletics, if the tight end receives permission to relocate.

In court filings obtained by the Register-Guard, Houze wrote that “no comparable training program exists” in the state of Oregon.

Lyerla and Houze might not get their wish, though. In October, Lyerla signed the standard jail release agreement from the Lane County Jail after his arrest for cocaine possession. The agreement does not allow him to leave Oregon while his felony case is still going through the court system, although a judge can change the terms of the agreement.

Houze said that if Lyerla is allowed to live in Ross’ home near Las Vegas and enroll in the trainer’s program, the tight end would to return to Oregon “for all necessary court appearances.”

Lyerla was arrested on Oct. 23 and charged with cocaine possession, as well as interfering with a police officer after he attempted to flee the detectives at his residence. The former Duck withdrew from the University of Oregon on Oct. 6.

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