Take a knee: Bralon Addison talks closest teammates, Chip Kelly-Mark Helfrich comparisons

As the 10th-ranked Ducks prepare for their matchup against Texas in the Alamo Bowl, wide receiver Bralon Addison had a moment to reflect back on who has been the biggest mentors/supporters throughout his career. In addition to giving insight on who his closest teammates are, Addison spoke on the recent suspensions as well as the ongoing comparisons between Mark Helfrich and Chip Kelly.

How much has Josh Huff helped you in your two years here as a receiver?

“A ton,” Addison said. “He was here before I got here. I kind of used him as a mentor on how to deal with certain things of being 2,000 miles away from home. He’s been like a big brother to me ever since I started getting recruited here, so a lot of my success, a lot of things I’ve learned, goes to him.”

How about Chance Allen? You’re from the same city (Missouri City, Texas), came in the same class, what’s your relationship like? 

“That’s my best friend,” Addison said. “We’ve been best friends since fifth grade. Like I said, Josh has been a big brother to both of us and he took us under his wing. Honestly, I don’t think I could have made it here without Chance being here. That guy is like a blood brother to me, so it’s big having him here with me. It helps me out a lot.”

How much does it impact the team when teammates get in trouble or arrested/suspended?

“It impacts us a lot,” Addison said. “We need every guy on board. Injuries happen, people get in trouble, somebody gets sick, somebody gets hurt, it impacts us a lot.”

When someone does mess up a little bit, do the players self-police? 

“They try to tell the squad leaders to do so,” Addison said. “I think it starts with the coaches and on down to the squad leaders. I think we have a good deal of senior leadership in this locker room, so you don’t see a ton of guys doing things, but everybody makes mistakes. Squad leaders get it corrected and I think they do a good job of that.”

How would you describe Mark Helfrich as a disciplinarian? 

“He’s a great guy, he’s a great family guy, but he also means business,” Addison said. “Not with you just getting in trouble, but if you’re having trouble in school, he’s going to discipline you the way he feels you need to, or if you’re not doing the right things in the locker room, not cleaning up around the locker room, not doing the right things in the cafeteria, helping out the janitors any way you can. He understands, he gets it. He’s a great coach that has family, he’s a people’s person so he knows how to treat other people.”

Have you ever seen Helfrich get mad?

“Yeah,” Addison said. “Like he says all the time, he has his own kids, but away from home, we’re like his kids. He loves us up all the time, but at certain times we do things wrong, he’ll get upset with us. You can only expect that. I think from a guy like him, when he does get on you, you should take it to heart because if he’s getting on you, it must mean you did something pretty bad because he’s not a guy to just jump you all the time. So I think he means no harm when he’s trying to correct someone. I think he does a great job of giving you positive criticism, things that can only help you.”

Differences between Helfrich and Chip Kelly?

“I think the big difference is just having that family,” Addison said. “Chip wasn’t some butthole or anything like that. I know it seemed like that to the media, but in the locker room he wasn’t. He was a cool guy. He just showed his emotions a little bit differently because he didn’t have a family and younger children. From the emotional side it’s easier for coach Helfrich because he has kids of his own, so it’s easier for him to show emotions to the team.”

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