The desolation of smug: to seize a championship ring, optimism is the winning habit

suzyqOne of my Facebook friends, SuzyQClark, had a great observation the other day:

When we’re born, we know nothing about negativity or pessimism. Both are taught to us over time but it doesn’t take long before we absorb both for the remainder of our lives. Sometimes, we decide to assess, layer upon layer, some of what we’ve been taught or convinced ourselves of. What you decide to let go of is worth letting go of. Remember though, that nature has a way of replacing what gets released.

Pessimism and negativity are poisons. They are the carbon monoxide of the soul, choking out hope, faith, belief and enthusiasm. For a sports fan, listening to the sportswriters, pundits and commentators is like parking too long in a garage with the engine running.

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FishDuck Staff

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