Ratu Mafileo could fill a big hole in Oregon recruiting picture

He’s 6-3 and a nephew of Haloti Ngata. Powerful and disruptive, Ratu Mafileo of Moanalua High School in Hawaii had 8 sacks and 39 tackles for loss as a senior. He benches 345 and squats 565.

Justin Hopkins of Duck Territory reported that new UO linebacker coach Erik Chinander visited him this Thursday.

If his grades check out, Oregon is likely to offer the the Moanalua strongman. Former teammate Scott Pagano, a freshman linebacker at Clemson, told Dirk Knudsen of West Coast Preps, “This kid is the real deal.  He is 6’2″- 310 pounds and played next to me the last couple of years.  His technique and strength are right there with the best.  He is an awesome guy and will make a great collegiate linemen for any school.”

In his highlight film Mafileo impresses with both power and agility. He’s well coached, utilizing a spin move, a swim move, the bullrush, keeping his feet moving as he reads the play. He’s a good tackler and moves extremely well for a big interior lineman, driving off the line.

He looks comfortable in a three-point stance and uses his strength and leverage, works hard, runs hard, and sheds blocks. At times he makes offensive linemen look a little helpless. Reading and reacting, he plays with his head up and gets to the ball, very smart defending screens, draws, misdirection, displaying a lot of pride and urgency, playing to the whistle.

He also wrestles and plays basketball, both of which have made him more of a force in the middle. Hudl senior highlight film HERE.

If the Ducks close with Trey Lealaimatafao, Courtney Garnett and Mafileo, or at least two of them, it adds some much-needed beef and balance to the 2014 recruiting class.

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