The Ballad of the Green Brigade

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The Ballad of the Green Brigade

Kim Hastings
Reported by Kim Hastings on January 11, 2014
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The Ballad of the Green Brigade


Fighting Ducks against the sky

Tall indeed


Tall indeed.

These are men who jump so high




Men who mean just what they say

"I intend to return to school simply to hang another half a hundred on the nasty Beavers. Peace out, and Go Ducks."


“I intend to return to school simply to hang another half a hundred on the nasty Beavers.  Peace out, and Go Ducks.”

The brave men of the Green Brigade

1917 Rose Bowl Champs


1917 Rose Bowl Champs

Trained to live on Husky meat




Washington they’re sure to beat

Fleeing town


Fleeing town.

Men who fight by day and night

Under the lights

Under the lights.

Listen not, to Herbie’s hype

"I think the Huskies will be strong this year.  Want a brat?"


“I think the Huskies will be strong this year.  Want a brat?”

Put silver wings on my son’s chest

Or at least on his pads


Or at least on his pads.

Make him one of Oregon’s best

Dennis Dixon


Dennis Dixon

Give him everything he needs

Yes, he needs this.


Yes, he needs this.

Keep him clear of Cliffy’s weed.

Coming legally to a state near you.


Coming legally to a state near you.


Top photo by commons.wikipedia.org

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