Dana Altman jokes about Phil Knight bobblehead promotion, Artis and Carter suspensions

Dana Altman was full of emotion during Saturday’s press conference following Oregon’s 78-66 win over USC. In one instance, he gave a long-winded, passionate answer about Jason Calliste and some of the other key fifth year transfer players he’s coached at Oregon.

Then, he talked about Saturday’s Phil Knight bobblehead promotion.

First, Altman noted the size and energy of the crowd and was appreciative of Knight’s contributions.

“We haven’t had large crowds,” Altman said. “Today, the energy in the building the second half when we got it going was the best it’s been. Mr. Knight’s done so much, obviously, for our university, for this state. To have him here and win, it would’ve been a bad locker room if we’d have lost.”

A reporter then jokingly asked if Altman would ask Knight to give out bobbleheads more often, since this promotion resulted in a win.

“I didn’t see the bobblehead,” Altman said. “I hope it looks good for him. It’s kind of a silly promotion, but it worked. It got people here.”

Altman said it would be a good collector’s item, too. … Well, to most people, at least.

“Make sure the team doesn’t get any so we don’t put any on eBay and sell them,” Altman said, causing the room to burst into laughter.

Altman’s joke was referring to the suspensions to Dominic Artis and Ben Carter at the beginning of the season. The two Oregon players sold team gear, which is a violation of NCAA rules.

Altman also laughed, then delivered one final line.

“That’s the first time that I’ve laughed in a month, so thanks,” he said, before getting up and departing the room full of chuckling reporters.

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