Who Will Be Josh Huff’s Heir Apparent on My Desktop?

Casey Fluegge

Casey Fluegge

Casey Fluegge grew up on a farm west of Junction City, Oregon. Today he is a self-employed advertising copywriter living and working in West Des Moines, Iowa. He is far, far away from Autzen Stadium, Matthew Knight Arena, Hayward Field and PK Park, and thus he thinks the Pac12 Network is one of the greatest advancements in recorded history. He thinks the fact that DirecTV doesn’t carry the Pac 12 Networks is one of the world’s great travesties. (Because Dish really sucks!) Casey is a graduate of the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism, circa 1987. After 25 years of working in advertising agencies in San Diego, Kansas City and Minneapolis, he is now the sole owner of Casey Fluegge Creative, LLC (visit his site at caseyflueggecreative.com). Call, email or tweet him sometime if you need help with your company’s advertising. Or if you just want to talk Ducks.

  • pdxsiskiyou

    As I was reading the first to come to mind was Tyner, he looks like football player and has a side step that leaves many tacklers hugging air. Next was Lowe, he is a wicked, picture perfect blocker. Then Cody Carriger and Torrodney Prevot in no particular order. Carriger has the body and athleticism of Lyerla and Torrodney is going to be a star…what a lot of QB’s are going to see after a Torrodney hit. But, my favorite is Ayele Forde, he is a 5 and a half foot bowling ball that moves like a water skipper. Have you ever noticed that when he is on the field he produces, whether it is running around tacklers or making tackles.

    • Casey Fluegge

      Both Carriger and Prevot have to put on 30 pounds before they get on my desktop, but I’m just a wallpaper perfectionist:) I share your enthusiasm for Prevot. He could really breakout next year.

  • ICamel

    What is interesting about the photo you show of Bralon catching the pass against OSU, is that the officials (and replay) ruled the pass incomplete due to catching it out of bounds. There are two other photos taken from different angles that clearly show the toes of his shoes are inbounds and there was also clear evidence that he maintained secure possession of the ball.

    • Casey Fluegge

      I know ICamel. I was watching the game with a non-Duck fan (Hawkeye fan) and arguing about whether it was complete. Like you, I thought the call should have been overturned. Looked like a spectacular toe-dragging grab to me.

    • Casey Fluegge

      I got those photos, ICamel. Looks like a clear completion to me. Thanks!

  • Dux2014

    Devon Allen, Good Looking ,athletic kid, have you seen him with his helmet off, check out the sea world photos

  • hokieduck