Oregon’s Shot at the Number One Spot

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The College Football Playoff Committee unveiled their rankings last night and the Ducks moved up into the number two slot. Oregon hopped an undefeated Florida State and there is a realistic possibility that Oregon could take over the number one ranking following this weekend.

Though Oregon is idle then, this Saturday could have a huge impact on how the playoff picture shapes up for the Ducks. Current No. 1 Mississippi State takes on No. 5 Alabama in Tuscaloosa for what can only be billed as “the game of the year.” If Mississippi State can go into Tuscaloosa and upset Alabama (yes, it’d be an upset. The Crimson Tide are 6.5 to 8.5 point favorites depending on who is making the odds); you can see that here http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/las-vegas/?s=2713) then Dak Prescott and Co. will undoubtedly maintain the No. 1 ranking, and deservedly so.

But if Alabama wins, now that’s really going to shake everything up. If the Crimson Tide wins in convincing fashion, could they jump from No. 5 to No. 1? Would Mississippi State drop out of the top four? What if they play in what ESPN commonly refers to as an “Instant Classic” game with the Crimson Tide pulling out a narrow victory in the end? Would both teams remain in the top four? Could Oregon move up to No. 1? There won’t be another game this season that affects the landscape of college football the way that the Mississippi State v. Alabama showdown will.

Oregon fans cheer on their beloved Ducks

Kevin Cline

Oregon fans cheer on their beloved Ducks

Other thoughts:

The College Football Playoff Committee appears to be immune to the “SEC bias.” As of now only No.1 Mississippi State would represent the SEC in the College Football Playoff; not even traditional powerhouse Alabama has cracked the top four. The SEC still leads all conferences with six teams in the top 25 (No.1 Miss State, No.5 Alabama, No. 9 Auburn, No. 10 Ole Miss, No. 15 Georgia, and No. 17 LSU). But the PAC 12 is right behind them with five teams (No. 2 Oregon, No. 6 Arizona State, No. 11 UCLA, No. 14 Arizona, and No. 23 Utah). The BIG 12 is also well represented with No. 4 TCU and No. 7 Baylor. You can see the full rankings here: College Football Playoff Rankings

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Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson

Tyler graduated from the University of Oregon's journalism program back in the spring of 2010. Tyler has loved the Ducks since the days of his youth, and that love has only grown as he's gotten older. Outside of Oregon football Tyler dives deep into Major League Baseball every year, and considers himself to be a baseball historian of sorts. He also has a Black Labrador named "Page" after Jimmy Page of the mighty Led Zeppelin. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, golfing, and snowboarding even if his skills are questionable at best in those areas.


    Like to see them beat BAMA this weekend so they now have 2 losses their OUT, and MS still plays OL Miss there and OL Miss I believe wins and then MSU is out because remember losing towards the end of the season isn’t good if you lose better to do it at the beginning of the year either way I seriously believe there could be all 2 loss SUCK I mean Sec teams which would leave their conference out all together and man what an UPROAR that would be and the only good that could come of it would be they make it finally JUSTIFIED by making it an 8 Team playoff like they should of done from the beginning with the 6 major conferences as well as 2 of the non qualifiers and here’s the Ticket as in the one Team that win’s their conference represents their conference in the Playoff and if they win then they got nothing to Bitch about or if they lose and this is the way it should of been from the beginning and then you wouldn’t need the 12 minus Archie Manning see where I’m going with this because everything else doesn’t work even this new 4 Team. Seriously speaking because all’s this does with the SEC making this Big stink is there is Bias and believe this to be so. Because does anyone from the BIG 12 deserve yo get in not playing a Championship Game because in all fairness if they don’t want to while everyone else does then they shouldn’t get a spot in this terrible system. Get it right and get to an 8 Team Playoff then go or expand it to 16 so 2 teams from each conference get a shot. Either way the Duck’s have been SNAKE BIT far to long and this Team if they win the PAC 12 Title including their last regular season games then If Healthy it’s no wonder Vegas has them as the favorite’s the only bad thing about being Ranked this high is the pressure or injury always takes them out except when they played Auburn and I Love Chip but I believe he clearly lost that Game by his Play calling period.