FSU DE Ramsey Confident in Preparation Against Oregon, Mariota

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The Florida State defense has made it clear as blue sky that they are not afraid of Oregon quarterback and Heisman winner Marcus Mariota. It seems the Rose Bowl game against the No. 2 Ducks is just another day against another Heisman winner. Clearly, it’s not.

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota poses a new and unique challenge for a confident Seminoles football team.

Donald Alarie

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota poses a new and unique challenge for a confident Seminoles football team.

Seminole head coach Jimbo Fisher has been utilizing Florida State track star and scout team quarterback John Franklin III to get his defense prepared for the speed of Oregon and Mariota.

Franklin is an All-ACC member of the FSU track team, running the 4×100 relay, the 100-meter, and he posts a 6.82 second 60-meter dash. Florida State has used Franklin before, beefing up their reps with the speedy scout team quarterback in the practices leading up to last year’s national championship game against Auburn’s Nick Marshall.

FSU defensive end Jalen Ramsey couldn’t be more pleased with the job Franklin is doing. ”I think John’s probably the fastest quarterback in the country. Nobody can compare to him. He can do it on the track; he can bring it over to the field. He prepared us very well,” Ramsey said.

However, the elders at FSU know that Mariota is a different beast. Marshall and Franklin are no Mariota, not by a long shot.

FSU defensive end Jalen Ramsey does not believe his team is an underdog against No. 2 Oregon.

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FSU defensive end Jalen Ramsey does not believe his team is an underdog against No. 2 Oregon.

Coach Fisher is slightly more realistic regarding Franklin’s ability to duplicate Mariota, the most efficient and dynamic quarterback in the nation with a regular season quarterback rating of 186.3, according to ESPN.com. ”That’s the Heisman Trophy winner,” Fisher said of Mariota. “That’s a different level, but it’s the best simulation you can get.”

Even Ramsey seems to vaguely acknowledge that Mariota has a special ability to extend plays. ”It’s gonna be just like [Franklin] had to do last year. He had to act like Nick Marshall at Auburn. I feel like it’s even more important this year because Mariota, he keeps a lot of plays alive with his feet, scrambling and everything,” Ramsey said.

Florida State hasn’t lost a game in two regular seasons, a high water mark for any aspiring football program. But they have done so in a tepid ACC. And never against a quarterback of Mariota’s caliber.

While Franklin may bring the speed to the FSU practice field, the Seminoles’ defense can’t fully prepare for the best player in the country: Oregon’s No. 8, Marcus Mariota.

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Jordan Ingram

Jordan Ingram

My name is Jordan Ingram and I am currently a student at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism. I am a proud Oregonian with an insatiable thirst for Oregon athletics. I am in hot pursuit of my dream career as beat writer for anything that goes “Quack.” Follow me on Twitter : @jpingram3

  • John

    Jalen Ramsey is a DB. Not an end.

  • Jordan Ingram

    Author’s note: Should read – FSU defensive back Jalen Ramsey, not “defensive end.” Thank you John for pointing this out.

  • Travis Crum

    i really like the fact that fsu players such as ramsey are taking the ducks lightly and talking trash rather than preparing for the game. i am pretty sure the ducks are working hard, not talking trash (this year’s team’s crowning glory) and studying fsu hard and with respect. we’ll say how this pans out but i’d like to see ramsey trying to chase down devon allen or mariotta in the open field. gonna be a big one…

  • Anthony Joseph Gomes

    i really like the fact that they think having a wide receiver running around the field with the ball is going to prepare them for the college quarterback with the second best passing efficiency rating of all time. i really like the fact that they have confused mariota as being a running back like the quarterback they played against at georgia tech who almost beat them even though he didnt make 100 yards in the air that game. what they need to do is take this track athlete with poor footwork, then take jameis winston, get 20 pounds of fat off him, improve his footwork dramatically, make him so he can throw more accurately than winston, improve his ability to read the field over winston, and make him a lot more intelligent than winston and you have marcus mariota. or you can wait until jan 1 and really get the hell shocked out of you when you find out how little your tackling dummy prepared you for the real deal.

    • redrum448

      Anthony Ill let you have a few of those points but several others are just silly…..
      GT didnt almost beat them, it was a 9 point game with 1min to go and it didnt even feel that close….(and techs a damn good team)

      Mariota doesnt read the field better than winston, he looks at his first option and if its not there he tucks it and runs whereas winston looks at every option.
      Lastly, have you seen the INT numbers of all the QBs in the pac12? its as if they dont have DBs and safties out west!?!?

      • Mikey Rocks

        Clearly you never watch any Oregon games if you think Mariota only looks at his first read. The guy sits in the pocket and goes through his progressions. Obviously if the first read is open he will get the ball to him. He only runs when he takes what the defense is giving him.

        • redrum448

          If screen passes are going through progressions Id guess youre correct……

          since 95% of his passes are screens or within 5 yards of LOS

          • dunkonyerhed

            Here we go. Clear PROOF that redrum has never watched an Oregon Duck game. Mariota leads the NCAA with 10.2 yards per attempt. Winston? 8.4. So how does MM average that many yards per attempt if he’s throwing screens all day long? Are you seriously telling me that Oregon’s receivers are that much better than FSUs?

          • Eugene Ely

            From ESPN stats: His 54 completions on throws 15 or more yards downfield are the most among Power 5 players. He completes 56 percent of those throws, a mark that ranks second.

            Not bad for a guy throwing 95% screen passes…

      • dunkonyerhed

        I’ve heard this criticism of Mariota from all kinds of Easterners lately (that he doesn’t go through progressions). I think it started with Mike & Mike in the Morning (ESPN radio). After watching Mariota closely for the past 3 years, I couldn’t disagree more. I think that criticism is coming from Easterners who got their hands on a few plays and made their minds up that he’s a one and done kind of QB. I hope Jimbo & co have those same clips. They’re going to be in for a shock if that’s what they really think.

        GT led nearly the entire game and even when they did fall behind, they were within a single TD until about 4:30 left. Had they recovered that on-side kick, they very probably would have won. So yes, they DID almost beat them. And no, GTs not that great of a team. Certainly not better than 3-4 PAC 12 teams.

        Finally, one reason PAC QBs have good numbers is because the PAC has the best QBs in the NCAA. There are at least 7-8 PAC QBs who will be playing on Sundays. In addition to Mariota, the PAC has Hundley, Goff, Kessler (all 4 rated ahead of Winston in efficiency), Kelly, Halliday and Kevin Hogan. You need to understand that their numbers are even better when playing OUTSIDE of the PAC in non conference games.

        • Rick Cook

          You forgot Sean Mannion. All he did was break the career Pac-12 record for passing yards. He will probably play on Sundays, but isn’t even one of the top 3 QBs in the Pac-12.

  • redrum448

    Ask Arizona state if you should be calling the ACC “tepid” …. LOL OOPS!

    • dunkonyerhed

      So a 9-3 PAC team beats a 9-3 ACC team and somehow that is supposed to enhance the ACC?

      • redrum448

        look up who duke lost to, some of the worst teams in the ACC (NC, VT)
        they should have been 4-4 in the acc, and they didnt even play FSU….

        middle of the road ACC team should have beaten a team in the pac12 that was ranked 6th and was in control of their own destiny to get in the playoff…. so to answer your question, yes